Could Chin Augmentation Be An Alternative To Jaw Surgery?

I was advised by my orthodontist to do have a jaw surgery done prior braces to fix my overbite but I was afraid and didn't do so. Braces that I have now seem to partially help to fix this problem but I am not happy with my chin appearance. Would chin augmentation surgery be a solution to make the chin look more aesthetically nice?

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Chin augmentation as alternative to jaw surgery

Chin augmentation is an excellent procedure to augment and bring the chin forward.  If the teeth do not fit together properly and are off significantly, jaw surgery should be considered.  For purely cosmetic purposes, adding a silastic chin implant is a much easier procedure done under a local anesthesia in the office surgery center and takes approximately a half an hour.  

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Large Chin Augmentation Needed To Camouflage Lower Jaw Deficiency

It is very clear based on your one profile picture that you have an overall lower jaw deficiency. Your chin is not only short but you have lower lip incompetency as well as seen by the mentalis muscle straining. If you are so motivated to go through lower jaw advancement surgery, this would have the best long-term benefit for you as it provides substantial improvement in your bite as well as in a stronger chin on profile. However, chin augmentation alone can certainly be done if jaw surgery is not appealing to you. It appears that your chin deficiency is greater than 1 cm so consideration needs to be given to a larger chin implant (at least 10 to 12 mms) or even a chin osteotomy. (moving only the chin bone forward) When camouflaging an underlying total jaw deficiency by bringing the chin projection forward, a large amount of augmentation is going to be needed.

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Chin implant will not help your overbite but is safe and simple and will make you look a lot better.


If your appearance is the most important thing, then go with a chin implant.  It is MUCH less surgery than fracturing your jaws.

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Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation will definitely help improve the appearance to your profile.  You'd also be a good candidate for jaw advancement surgery.  Recovery is much less time with chin augmentation (implant) surgery, however, it can only correct things to a certain degree. 

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Chin implant as alternative to jaw surgery

Yes, a chin implant is a valid method to correct the appearance of the jaw. It won't change the position of your teeth but can certainly improve the projection of your chin in that area.

The implant can often be placed under local numbing medication in the office (with or without sedation). Surgeons typically use an incision placed either under the chin or in the mouth.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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