Can ingestion of marijuana edibles slow down the healing process after a Rhinoplasty?

I am a medical marijuana user and I was wondering if there were any harmful affects of eating marijuana foods while healing from a Rhinoplasty. I understand that smoking has it's negative effects, but would eating foods with marijuana in them have negative effects as well? Thanks

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Marijuana, Cannabinoids, Rhinoplasty and Wound Healing

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I think it is highly unlikely that marijuana edibles would have a significant effect on wound healing following rhinoplasty. However, I am not aware of any scientific studies that have specifically examined the relationship between cannabinoid ingestion (THC and CBD) and wound healing. Best wishes.

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Rhinoplasty - impact of medical marijuana

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Although there is no formal information on this, I don't think there is any effect on wound healing with marijuana edibles.  BTW smoking is usually ok with Rhinoplasty surgery due to the great circulation of the head and neck areas which would lead me to believe it would be ok.  I must warn you though that this information is what best described as "off the record" as there are no studies to support the claim.  Best Wishes though!!

Not sure

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I'm not sure anyone can answer that question because I don't believe there have been any studies done on the / other cannabinoids and wound healing. 

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