Is my surgeon obligated to do a revision surgery at little to no cost?

I had a BA done in June. I am completely unhappy with the results. I had a barely there a cup to begin with. He chose 400cc round hp cohesive silicone gel & I Hate them. They are larger but settled very low. There is no upper pole fullness & they can't even be pushed up with a bra to create that look. Not to mention there are very large scars at the incision site, one of which can be seen looking at me straight on! What can we done & will this cost the same amount?

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Is my surgeon obligated to do a revision surgery at little to no cost?

Thanks for getting in touch with this forum, and I'm sure we are all sorry to hear of your disappointment. The goal of our specialty is to make patients happy and to feel good about themselves, and it is never good to disappoint, and yet it happens sometimes. There are many factors that go into the final results, which sometimes are less than perfect. Each of us recognizes this possibility and has created an office policy regarding revisions. This should have been part of your initial consultation, and surely was included in your paperwork you received from the office. It is important to discuss this openly with your surgeon. He/she will definitely be interested in helping you but the cost will vary based on that office policy I mentioned.

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Revision policies

As long as your expectations for a revision are realistic and can be fulfilled, I don't know of any surgeon that would deny help and wouldn't go the extra mile to get a satisfying result.
Revision policies are normally in place, and would determine if and how much a patient has to pay in this unfortunate event. For some reasons, revision policies are also one of the most overlooked topics when patients make their choice of a surgeon. In reality, I am sure that if you have a genuine problem your surgeon will be willing to help and reduce, or even waive completely, your costs for the revision, independently of what the specific revision policy says. This of course unless you both start a confrontation and are only interested in finding out who is the culpright (which is neither of you). It actually works both ways: if you do not trust your surgeon, your surgeon will not trust you as a patient and will try to avoid dealing with your problems for fear of getting even bigger ones. Sometimes it just comes down to simple human relationships, and being nice to each other can work wonders.

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Breast augmentation revision

Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction. Most of us in medicine truly want to help patients. I agree with the others, if you present your concerns in a calm, non confrontational manner you will be more likely to have your goals met in the most economical fashion. Revision policies vary between practices, if I see a result that both the patient and I are not pleased with I tend to reduce or waive the revision fees. I hope this helps. 

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I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment in your result. I know when our office we delineate in the patient's paperwork that they received prior to the surgery what are policies for revisions are and what the patient's financial responsibilities will be. That way there are no surprises. My recommendation would be to have a frank and honest non- accusatory conversation with your plastic surgeon and together come up with a plan to give you closer to what you want. Good luck.

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Is a surgeon obligated to do a revision surgery at little or no cost?

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with yours results. You need to have a calm discussion with your surgeon and see what the issue is and what can (if anything) be done to help. Regarding charges for a revision, this hopefully is clearly stated in your paperwork. Every office has (or should have) a written revision policy that outlines costs that you may or may not be responsible for.  In most cases, the surgeons can eliminate the "surgeon fee", but there may be other costs that he/she has no control over, such as anesthesia, materials, supplies, staffing, etc.  A surgeon will be more likely to help a patient who is non- confrontational or accusatory. If you truly feel that your surgeon did something wrong, than maybe you don't even want them doing the revision.

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Breast augmentation and dissatisfaction

I think that you have to discuss that with your surgeon and determine what can or can not be done for you. Best of luck.

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Cost of Revision

There are no rules to the cost associated with revision.  Though we would all like to believe that plastic surgery is an exact science, everyone's body behaves and heals differently.  Unfortunately this, as well as issues with surgical technique, do sometimes lead to revision.  In general, many surgeons with forego any additional surgeon's fees if the revision is within a reasonable timeframe after the first surgery.  However, anesthesia, facility, and additional cost (i.e. new implants) may not be under our control.  Therefore the patient may need to cover these costs. Ultimately we don't like unhappy patients and our reputation is all that we really have so I encourage you to talk with your surgeon about reasonable alternatives to the financial issues at hand.

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Breast augment revision

I, too, agree with Dr. Pousti. First read your pre operative financial information sheet as it should contain your doctor's general policy. Then have a non confrontational, calm discussion with respect to your concerns. Before and after photos would be helpful to assess whether mastopexy was indicated and discussed.

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Pictures would help please

If you went to a board certified plastic surgeon then I would hope he or she feels an ethical responsibility to work with you to improve your outcome. Not all outcomes will meet the expectations of a patient and showing us before and after picture of you would give us an appreciation of the level of correction potentially needed. Good Luck!

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Is my surgeon obligated to do a revision surgery at little to no cost?

I think Dr. Pousti's reply is very well stated and I agree with him completely. An angry discussion will not resolve anything. Surgeon experience and expertise is critical in revision surgery.

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