Could a bear hug deflate my implant after breast implant revision?

Hi I've had my 2nd breast augmentation nearly 2 months ago. Yesterday my friend squeezed me and gave me a bear hug, I almost suffocated because he hugged me really tight. I woke up with a small amount of pain in my right breast ;i've noticed that that the space created where the implant sits was stretched/damaged but I'm not sure. I feel that they are the right on is deflated is that possible? I have silicone implants my next appointment is in 3 months I can't reschedule now. I'm lost thank you

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Bear Hug

In my experience, it would be unlikely that a "bear hug" could break a modern silicone gel implant. More likely the scar tissue around the capsule could tear and give you the symptoms that you experienced. In our office we would use ultrasound to look at the implant and make sure that there's no blood or fluid around the capsule. You may need to go back to your plastic surgeon before the three months if you're worried about it. Good luck.

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Could a bear hug deflate my implant after breast implant revision?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns. Generally speaking, the currently utilized breast implants are very strong/durable and unlikely to be ruptured with the forces sustained through a "bear hug". More likely however the breast implant capsule around the breast implant may have been affected .  If this is the case,  the breast implant may have changed position (shifted) on your chest wall, causing a difference in appearance.  Given your concerns, I would suggest that you seek follow-up with your plastic surgeon, earlier than already scheduled, for in person evaluation. Best wishes. 

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Could a bear hug deflate my implant after breast implant revision?

Hello aqua_88,

Thank you for your question.  Silicone implants do not deflate like saline implants, but that doesn't mean they cannot rupture.  Trauma can disrupt the outer shell and allow the inner, liquid silicone to "leak".  The latest silicone implants have a more solid gel inside which mostly limits this leakage, and studies have shown that exposure to the inner silicone gel does not pose a risk to your body. 

Rotation (depending on the type of implants used) and capsule disruption are more likely with trauma. Your devices are meant to heal in a soft scar capsule that keeps them in the correct place and prevents rotation (if you have anatomic implants).   If this capsule is disrupted, the implants can bottom out, slide toward your underarms or shift into a different position.  Please see your surgeon as soon as possible to better diagnose if anything is wrong.  Hang in there!

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