How risky is a revision rhinoplasty and can I recover characteristics of my pre-surgical nose?

Had a rhinoplasty done in May to get rid of a bump on the lateral side of my nose. The surgeon took too much cartilage from the right side and it is not symmetrical to the left. He also reduced my tip and made my bulblous nose pointy. I preferred my nose prior to the surgery. I had a bulbous but long nose and I would like to recover those aspects. I want to make the tip and middle section of the nose wider and longer like I had previously. I would also like to add cartilage to the right side. How difficult is it to revise my nose and go from my surgical nose to pre surgical nose?

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Secondary Rhinoplasty to re-create original nose appearance

It is unfortunate that you did not obtain the Rhinoplasty result that you desired. It is paramount for the surgeon to communicate with the patient the expected outcome of Rhinoplasty. In our practice we routinely perform computer imaging to achieve this. Furthermore, reviewing a large number of the surgeon’s ”before and after” photos can help in deciding if you wish similar results.

Secondary Rhinoplasty is an exacting procedure that requires experience and talent. It is possible to create significant correction of undesired features of poorly performed Rhinoplasty. Seek out a reputable and skilled surgeon for your consultation, ask specific questions and make sure you are communicating clearly with your surgeon.

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Revision rhinoplasty candidate

It is only been a short few months since your primary rhinoplasty, so to important to wait at least a year before   embarking on a revision. cartilage grafting can be accomplished along the bridge and sidewalls to make it higher and wider, but it's important to know if any cartilage was removed from the septum on the primary rhinoplasty. For many examples of rhinoplasty, please see  the link below

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