Rhinoplasty and roller coasters?

I am scheduled to have rhinoplasty on 10/1. 4 weeks later on 10/30, I am planning a trip to an amusement park. Is it safe to do so 4 weeks after the rhinoplasty considering I will be sitting on roller coasters? I do not want to cause any damage to the nose what so ever. Please advise.

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Rhinoplasty & Rollercoasters

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Rhinoplasty and roller coasters do not mix. If the force of the ride itself does not cause increased bruising, swelling or changes the composition then a small bump by your hand or someone else's certainly will. It is also important to avoid any activities that cause the heart rate to accelerate. Increased blood pressure could result in more swelling and this increases the possibility of developing a nosebleed.

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Rhinoplasty and amusement parks

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It probably is ok by 4 weeks to go to an amusement park, but you will still be swollen and your nose might be a bit tender.  Best to ask your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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