Can Seri mesh be removed?

I had a seri mesh internal "bra" put in with my last set of implants 6 months ago. I want my implants out now, and I want the mesh out. I was told it's extremely hard to get the mesh out. Thoughts? Thank you.

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Depends on the situation

This will depend on the thickness of the breast coverage over the mesh.  If the skin and breast are thin, it will present a technical problem.

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Can Seri mesh be removed?

The mesh can be removed with the capsule, and as you have been told it does require more work and can be difficult. If you want your implants out than it is not unreasonable to also remove the mesh. There will be fresh new tissue planes and nothing left behind for you to worry about.

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Can Seri mesh be removed?

The mesh has likely become incorporated;  removal can certainly be done.  This will likely involve removal of the capsule around the breast implant at least in the area that mesh was applied.  Best wishes.

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Removal of SERI mesh

Thanks for your question.  SERI mesh is a biologic silk scaffold that provides support.  Over time, your tissue grows into the mesh and it becomes incorporated.  When removing implants, it is customary to also perform a capsulectomy, meaning removing the fibrous capsule which forms around the implant. This is done in order to allow the pocket to seal down and minimize the risk of forming a fluid collection (seroma). 

I suspect that the SERI will be removed along with the capsule, as it will have become part of the capsule itself.  At 6 months, it may not be fully incorporated, which may make it easier to remove. In summary, I think that you should be able to have explanation and SERI removal successfully. Best Regards.

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