My 1 month old son has one eye bigger than the other. Is he suffering from ptosis and can it be fixed in the future?

My baby have exactly one month and 5 days, as you can see in the attach photos, he can’t open one of his eyes completely, I went to the doctors and they suggest us to wait until his grow, for example till 15years or more, and after that he will need the drooping eyelids surgery, right now they gave me the eye drop , it was effective also, we are really confused and upset because of him, please tell us is it better to do a surgery now or waiting as his doctor said ? Thank you in advance

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Okay, you took your baby to the wrong type of doctor.

He has congential ptosis.  In the pictures, it looks like he is using both eyes and this would be consistent with normal visual development in both eyes.  However, if he begins to neglect the right eye due to the heavy eyelid, this could cause amblyopia or a lazy eye.  It really takes a specialist to be certain this is not an issue and with an eyelid this heavy, this needs to be carefully reassessed to make sure things do not change and there is no development of amblyopia.  The specialist that your son needs to see a board certified ophthalmologist who is also fellowship trained in pediatric ophthalmology.  Yes the eyelid will need to be corrected at some point.  If the eyelid begins to interfere with the normal delopment of the vision in the right eye, early surgery will be necessary to counter act the ptosis.  Please get a second opinion with a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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Congenital eyelid ptosis surgery timing

The answer depends if the droopiness is causing problems right now (either blocking vision or causing head to move back).  You have to see a pediatric ophthalmologist along with an oculoplastic specialist. If it is not causing problem, then best to wait until teenage years.

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