Re-occuring Nose Infection? (photo)

I had rhino a year ago.Since then I have had at least 3 nose infections every 3-4 months.My nose becomes red/swollen/itchy.It goes away after taking sulpha based antibiotic/Mupirocin ointment.I spoke to my surgeon and he said that there are no implants/permanent sutures.I have great trust in his skills and abilities.Could it be Strep/MRSA/ingrown hair/suture that didn't dissolve/open wound that didn't heal completely?My surgeon recommended we reopen the nose and clean out scar tissue. Help!

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Recurring Nasal Infection Post Rhinoplasty

If it is a recurrent nasal infection several months post rhinoplasty, one should consider another cause including MRSA or a residual suture. Only as a last resort, if it is recurring, then an infectious disease consult may be useful as well as operative intervention to remove any foreign bodies including residual sutures. This is very rare to occur.

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Recurring nasal infection after rhinoplasty.

Recurring nasal infection after rhinoplasty is rare. In more than 35 years I have never had an infection with nasal surgery. I would have the nose cultured several times if needed but NO surgery in the face of infection. You may need to see an infectious disease expert as well.

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