After Rhinoplasty, is It Normal to Have Internal Swelling Where the Stitches Were Placed?

I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. The tip is very swollen, and I have noticed is that inside the nose, there is a lot of swelling especially in the internal part of the tip, something like hard bumps inside the nose. Initially, I thought it was a crust, and I tried to remove it until I realized I was bleeding. Is this swelling normal? How long does it take to come down? I assume once it comes down the swelling in the tip will diminish. Is that right? Thank you!!!

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Rhinolasty sutures

Sounds like you are on track. It will take months for the swelling to resolve. Check with your PS but most suregons use dissolvable sutures on the inside and that's possibly what you are feeling/seeing. They should be starting to fall out about now. Best, Dr K

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Internal swelling after rhinoplasty

It is normal to have internal and external swelling for quite a long time after rhinoplasty.  You should of course have your doctor examine you to be sure that you are not experiencing abnormal swelling.  If all is good, ask him about steroid or saline nose spray or gel.

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