Should I get a mini face lift or neck lift? (Photo)

Hi I am considering a neck lift but when I went for a consultation (seen 2) the plastic surgeon recommended a mini face lift , my face looks good except a little jowling. But it is my neck that looks bad with lose skin , I am 52 yrs old most people think I am in my early forty's , my neck is what is bothering me and it doesn't match my face , will a mini face lift fix it or should I just get a neck lift

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Minilift or face and neck lift ?

You are right, you definitely don't look 52 from your picture and the first thing I noticed was your neck banding. Without an examination or better pictures, it is hard to give specifics, however, a neck lift only could be an option.
The problem with a neck lift is that if you have even a little jowling now (its hard to see in your picture because you are smiling), the neck lift will not address that. So the other option is as you have mentioned, a lower facelift with a smaller incision (mini lift), combined with a neck lift would probably give you the best most long lasting results. Good luck!

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A "Mini" Face Lift or Neck Lift to Get the Best Neck Correction?

Your photo is not optimal, but it does appear to show that you have developed platysma muscle bands which will need to addressed as part of whatever type of facelift procedure is done. The terms mini face lift and neck lift are confusing and different surgeons use these terms in different ways, so it is really difficult to know what you are getting.

Really there is nothing that is "Mini" about any true facelift procedure. It is more a marketing gimmick then anything else. It seems to imply that it is less invasive, which it may or may not be. Usually a mini lift will take less time, but it also usually means mini result, which doesn't last very long. Not really good value in the long run, and it will not address your neck concerns.

While it is possible to do an isolated neck lift, the concept just doesn't make sense. All parts of your face age together and, as you have noted, you do have some jowling, so it would be important to correct this as part of an overall facelift procedure so that your face looks balanced. You do look youthful in your photo, but you are in your 50's, which is a point at which most people benefit from a more comprehensive approach so that all parts of your face match. So my recommendation would be to have a facelift that is performed to correct from your midface down to your neck, and which also specifically includes making an incision under your chin to correct the platysma muscle bands. This is something that is often left out by surgeons trying to do a mini procedure and the result is a neck that shows minimal improvement. Look for an experienced plastic surgeon who doesn't try impress you flashy terminology, but is thoughtful and thorough and has quality photos that demonstrate impressive results across a range of facial types.

Braden C. Stridde, MD
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Neck Lift or mini lift

You look very young and whatever procedure you have should be conservative and result in a natural look. I think the terminology used to describe the procedure is far less important than specifically addressing your concerns. In order to make an appropriate assessment, a plastic surgeon would need to see photos of your full face from multiple angles.  

By starting now, you may not be the "wow" before and after, rather, people will notice that you look great and youthful.

Michael Law, MD
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Mini or regular lift

This depends on what technique is used for the mini lift.  If it a skin only procedure with a very small incision around your ear, it likely will not correct your neck or if it does, it wont last.  If it is done with some form of SMAS manipulation, preferably a flap or excision, it will be a longer lasting procedure that will address your neck.  Based on your photo I would recommend a comprehensive mini lift.

John Michael Thomassen, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Should I get a mini face lift or neck lift?

Thanks for the questiohn and the photo. You seem to be an excellent candidate for a conservative face and neck lift. When done together and done skillfully they blend seamlessly with the best of all results.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Should I get a mini face lift or neck lift?

Your face does appear youthfu, but it is best to see you when you are not smiling and can really see your face. Your neck does have some lines which can be bettered with surgery.  A mini-facelift will not address your neck at all.  Please visit an experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeon for best results!

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Minituck vs necklift

rng1, Sorry but from your photos I cannot give you a definitive answer. I would recommend that you see several facial plastic specialists (ie. surgeons that only operate on faces) and have them show you what they mean by a mini face lift using their own patients photos as examples. See my photo site as an example. Do your homework and you'll have a greater chance of having a good result. Good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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About Facial Rejuvenation with Lite-lift™

Patients who desire facial rejuvenation that is affordable, quick, and effective should consider the Lite-lift™. The LiteLift™ is an innovative facelift developed by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Larry Nichter and myself which benefits many male patients. The goal of the #LiteLift is to provide a less invasive natural looking option for both men and women desiring to refresh their appearance with less downtime and risks. The LiteLift® is a “real” facelift, which does address the underlying muscle, tissue and overlying skin.
The technique requires limited incisions and takes a vertical lifting approach, in contrast to the traditional facelift, which requires extensive incisions and lifts or pulls the face towards the ears horizontally. The modern techniques used allow us to perform most LiteLift® procedures in the office under local anesthesia. Also, removing the risk of general anesthesia opens the door for more people to pursue facial surgery. All too often people do not move forward with undergoing the desires facelift surgery due to their overwhelming fear of the risks associated with general anesthesia.

This is a modified facelift that can be performed in the office with a local anesthetic and improve signs of aging around the neck, jawbone and lower face. These procedures are not "Thread-lifts" or "String-lifts". We do not use the "barbed" sutures employed in these other lifting operations. The Lite-lift™ uses longer lasting techniques that are discussed below. Because the incisions are limited, there is less bruising, swelling and healing time for most patients. Many patients can be back to work in one to two weeks looking rested and more youthful.
The best candidates for #LiteLift are non-smoking patients 35-60 years old with stable skin elasticity, well-defined bone structure but showing early changes of the lower face and the neck. Older patients who cannot or do not wish to have a longer operation or general anesthetic can be improved with a Lite Lift™. All in all, Lite Lift™ surgery is individualized for each patient.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Loose neck skin, muscle banding

A mini facelift will only result in minimal temporary improvement in the jawline and cheeks.
Tightening of the neck skin requires a direct approach to the neck.  Options include the Precision Tx internal laser to improve the wringling, tighten the neck and reduce jowls. Liposuction of the submental region and jowls will tighten and smooth these areas.  Botox or excision of Platysma muscle bands will improve subcutaneous banding.  A neck lift will tighten neck skin; some patients are dissapointed due to recurrence of the fine wrinkles under the chin.
Please consult in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Lower face/neck lift makes such an improvement and is done under local.

Even though the neck is the worse by far, when you get a neck lift it is best to do the lower face with it to be sure to blend the skin together nicely and it takes care of the jowls as well for roughly $8800 on special and under local.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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