Will chewing gum reduce my lower cheek fat?

I'm an extremely skinny girl but don't know why my lower cheeks are chubby. I can't think of losing weight as I'm already very skinny. I want to get a slimmer face in a natural way. Will chewing gum help me reduce my lower cheek fat? Plz suggest something

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Will chewing gum reduce my lower cheek fat? =NO! Actually it will make your lower face wider #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval

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Buccal fat is a fat pocket in the lower anterior face that is "resistant" to decrease in size due to diet or exercise in most of the cases.

Chewing gum will NOT make the buccal fat to reduce the size of thebuccal fat. If that would be true, nobody would do buccal fat removal plastic surgery but shew gum. However, chewing gum, by making the scheming muscle of the gum ( the masseter muscle) bigger (hypertrophy) will make the posterior lower face to become wider, thus making the lower face fullness worst. 

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