Buccal fat removal or jowl liposuction? (Photo)

I want more of a heart shaped face instead of the squareness that the fatty lower part of my face creates. Would I benefit from buccal fat removal or jowl lipo?

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Buccal fat reduction vs lipo

Great question.  You have to be careful with liposuction in that area - you can only do very limited liposuction as attempting liposuction in the buccal fat can be dangerous.  The buccal fat pads are fibrous by their very nature, have branches of the nerve that controls your cheeks, as well as the duct that carries saliva from your glands.  Long story short - lots of important structures are in there that you certainly don't want to blindly liposuction. A careful reduction is always safer.  That being said, you can also do limited microliposuction over the fat pads along the jawline - this can aid in micro contouring.  However, in it of itself, is not a great procedure as it is very limited in what it can accomplish.  Best of luck! I hope some of this helps.  

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