Supratip swelling or polly beak deformity? (Photo)

Hello, thanks for taking your time to read my question. I'm three weeks post op and my nose has started to change shape for the worse. It seems that my supratip is either swollen or I'm forming a slight pollybeak. When I tape at night my nose looks better in the morning but it soon returns to this shape. My nose was quite big and hooked before and I asked for a straight nose. My surgeon also lifted the tip a bit. What do you think, should I be worried?

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Supratip fullness: swelling versus cartilage

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You have supratip fullness that can be either swelling or cartilage excess. If you are within the first month, it can be swelling; during this time, you can tape down the supratip especially when you sleep in order to avoid scar tissue buildup; it is is firm when you push on it, then it is likely due to cartilage excess and this will require a revision.

Supratip swelling or polly beak deformity?

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Dear Pinksand1At 3 weeks post op, supratip swelling is not unusual. The fact that is resolves with taping is supportive of the likelihood that it is swelling and not scar tissue. At this point be patient. You should follow your surgeons recommendations re taping.

Rhinoplasty and Polybeak

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Hello,Your photo could be deceiving, but that doesn't look like swelling. I think your entire tip complex dropped, exposing the end of your septum (the angle). Taping brings the tip back up, and it falls back down after taping. A quick exam would reveal exactly what it is. Go talk to your surgeon or get a quick second opinion. Best of luck!


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Dear pinksand1, The fact that the nose returns straight after the tape is removed is a good sign that this is just post-operative swelling. If you follow up with your surgeon an in office examination would answer your concerns. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Supratip swelling

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Hello,The fact that you are 3 weeks out and that it improves with taping suggests that this could be due to swelling. A "polly beak" is typically due to septal cartilage that was not addressed at time of hump reduction. However, you can get similar findings if scar tissue develops in the supratip area. Taping at night and massaging during the day should help if related to swelling. Remember, your nose will be healing for several months. This is the time it takes for swelling to improve. I would recommend you follow up with your surgeon so it can be evaluated. Good luck,Dr. Dominic

Rhinoplasty swelling

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Pinksand1,        At this early stage of recovery, it is hard to say the exact cause of the swelling.  I will say this is a very common area to have some swelling, and even scar tissue formation post-operatively.  The fact that it improves with taping, is encouraging and suggests it may just be postoperative edema.  Should scar tissue start to fill in the area (a common cause of polly beak), steroid injections to the area would be one option.  Make sure to keep close follow up with your surgeon, as a good exam and palpation are needed to decide on best treatment course.   Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

John Harbison, MD
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