Why are CT Scans so important for rhinoplasty in South Korea?

I’ll be heading to SK for a primary rhinoplasty, But the thing about the hospital and clinics there are that the doctors refuse to perform rhinoplasty for you without getting a 3D CT scan of your entire skull and sinus (even if you have no prior health condition etc.). I ask this because I’m worried about the amount of radiation I’ll be exposed to as I’m only 20 years of age. The CT scan will be done twice, once before the surgery and the second a month post op! Thanks for your input, doctors!

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Rhinoplasty and the need for a CT scan?


Have never required a CT scan prior to performing a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure. I do offer 2-D imaging where the potential results can be viewed by my patients. This 2-d imaging is a pathway for constructive communication. I also look at the pictures they bring in in terms of noses they like and do not like. All of the patients in the link provide were happy and did not have a CT scan. 

You should be concerned of the need for a CT scan prior to surgery. Perhaps the doctors are performing a study?

Good luck with your surgery!

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Why are CT scans so important for rhinoplasty in South Korea?

You should ask your South Korean surgeon why they think it's necessary, but in the United States a CAT scan is only performed to rule out chronic sinus disease when endoscopic sinus surgery needs to be performed. Remember the follow-up appointments are just as important as the actual surgery itself so make sure you follow up with your surgeon after the rhinoplasty

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Why are CT Scans so important for rhinoplasty in South Korea?

For cosmetic rhinoplasty it is not routine in my practice to ever order a CT scan.  They are useful to document septal deviation and other airway and sinus pathology but in your case it would seem not to be indicated.  My best guess is that you are participating in a study to determine changes after rhinoplasty based on findings on CT scan.  I may be wrong but that is my best reasoning.

Jon A. Perlman, MD
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CT scans for rhinoplasty

In general, it is not customary to do a CT scan prior to performing a rhinoplasty.  If there was trauma involved, CT scan can be done to assess before and after surgery.  I also agree that this may be part of a study.  I think it'd be best to ask the surgeons in Korea in regards to this.

Sunny Park, MD, MPH
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CT scan for rhinoplasty

Most clinically significant anatomical questions can be answered by a physical examination of the external and internal nose during the consultation.  If you have sinus issues, these may warrant farther studies however.  We do not typically perform a CT scan preoperatively.

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Rhinoplasty in South Korea

In the United States,  sinus CT's are not routinely ordered for rhinoplasty, UNLESS you have a severe deformity or sinus problems, such as recurrent sinus infections.  Routinely ordering before and after CT scans seems to be  unnecessary radiation exposure.  

Raj P. TerKonda, MD, FACS
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