How Long Do Butt Implants Last? When to Replace

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Buttocks implants

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Buttocks implants are permanent devices.  They are made of soft semi-solid material, unlike breast implants, so they do not rupture and thus do not need to be replaced.  They are usually the second choice for buttocks augmentation and shaping to liposuction and fat transfer.  Hope this helps and best of luck. 

Longevity of butt implants

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Butt implants are not like breast implants. Butt implants are actually solid pieces of silicone plastic. They cannot leak or rupture. If placed properly, your body will tolerate the implant well and you will not have problems with excess scarring or displacement of the implants. If done appropriately, your implants should not need to be replaced

Buttock Implants Longevity

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Unlike breast implants, buttock implants are made to be permanent because they are made of semi-solid soft silicone rubber not silicone gel...RAS

Replacing buttock implants

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Buttock implants are made of solid silicone which do not need to be replaced.  it's just important for them to placed in the correct position.

Joshua Korman, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Duration of Butt Implants

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Butt Implants sold in the US are made of a soft SOLID silicone polymer. As such they do not leak and therefore do not need to be removed unless they become severely scarred, rotated or infected.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

How Long Do Butt Implants Last? When Do I Have to Replace Them?

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This is a great question as many of patients are very young and they wonder when they will have to change out their implants. Well the good news is that there is currently no recommendation to change out your butt implants. As long as you love them you just keep.

The butt implants are a semi-solid silicone material. This make them very durable so that they can absorb the punishment that are butt takes on a daily basis from sitting and the occasional falls. Because the implant is a semi-solid material the implant does not leak. The implants are extremely durable.

The butt implants have become a great option for patients that are too thin for a Brazilian Butt Lift or want more augmentation than is possible with fat transfer alone. The durability of the implants typically gives patients a result that will last for years to come.

Lifespan of Butt Implants

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Butt implants are made from a more solid silicone. The implants are intended to be a more permanent implant then a breast implant. As long as the butt implant is placed appropriately in the correct position and shape, it is unlikely the implant will need to be changed because of the implant failing or needing replacement.

Butt Implants Lifespan

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Butt implants are made from solid silicone, therefore they do not need to be replaced. Best of luck!

Butt implants longevity

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Dear emer,

    Butt implants, unlike fat injection do not disappear. Fat injection in large quantity, does not survive and  completly disappear or almost completely disappear  after 1 year. The silicone implants are non bio-degradeable and since they are soft solid , they do ot leak or break. Theoretically the can degrade over time, however in over 10 years of performing butt implants surgery , I did not witness it.  So, the only reason to replace them will be if they break or deteriorate. Most importantly, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that you trust, who performs lots of butt implants surgery and you like his or hers results.

                            Best of luck,

                                                  Dr Widder

How will the implants last

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We know that silicone is a stable material over many years. The implants are solid and therefore cannot rupture, so unless a major trauma was to displace them or an infection would develop there, they are expected to remain for the duration of the patient's life.

M. Vincent Makhlouf, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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