Bad Butt Implant for Male

I had Butt Implants surgery 5 weeks ago. When I go to sit down or bend over, you can see the pronounced outline of the implant. When I squeeze my butt cheeks together, it looks like I have something implanted there. Also, when I touch my butt, I can feel the implants. I am muscular, lean and in great shape. Is the leaness of my body affecting the outcome or have I had a bad implantation? I would like to send a photo if I can.

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Bad Butt Implant results?

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Unlike most for most other procedure I do in Plastic Surgery, lean and muscular patients pose the biggest problem for buttocks augmentation.

The first reason is that if I use an implant, the implant will be less disguised by the overlying tissue.

The second reason is that if I want to use fat, the fact that the patient is lean means that there is little fat donor tissue available.

In your particular case, the implant placement appears to be either sub fascial or subcutaneous instead of submuscular.

You should ask your surgeon whether the implant placement was submuscular or not.

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Reason for Bad Butt Implant Outcome

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Very few implants, if any, are perfect. For the vast majority to look good, they must be covered with as much soft tissue as possible. Butt implants can be placed either under the
- Buttock Skin
- Lining of the gluteus muscle (fascia)
- INSIDE THE MUSCLE (best location)
- under the muscle

Your implants look like they were placed under the skin and appear to have encapsulated scar around them in addition to having rotated. This will NOT get better with time. You should discuss it with your surgeon and see what he / she suggests.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Butt implants complication

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  Thanks for submitting your picture. I am sorry to say , but your surgery has multiple errors : 1. The implant is placed very superficial, under the skin, that's why it is visible and palpable. It should have been placed under the muscle fascia . 2. Round implants. The buttock shape is more oval than round. 3. Implants are placed too  High. The implants location should be from the Iliac bone spine to above the crease. The good news for you is that it can be corrected. Consult with a board certifid plastic surgeon that you trust,  who performed lots of buttock implants and you like his or hers results.

                    Best of uck,

                                             Dr Widder

Butt Implant for male

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Butt implants are a great way to enhance the back side especially if you don't have enough fat for fat transfer to the buttock a.k.a Brazilian buttock lift. The main reason you are seeing the outline of this butt implant is because it was placed just on top of the muscle or under the skin. All of our butt implant are placed under the muscle and they look really natural. Its much easier and quicker to place implant on top of the muscle. Most of the time you pay less for this kind of work. The good news is that this can be fixed by placing the implant in the correct space. I have done this many times for patients.  Make sure you discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon (If he / she is a real Plastic Surgeon). Otherwise, look for a Plastic Surgeon with butt implant experience.

Stanley Okoro, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Male butt implant

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Hello, it appears your implants are quite superficial meaning closer to the skin surface. There are different levels of depth the implants can be placed. The amount of soft tissue coverage over the implant will affect how they are seen or felt. Thanks. 

Rikesh T. Parikh, MD
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

Fixing butt implant results

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There may be several reasons why you are seeing this symptom. When receiving a butt implants, patients should keep in mind that there is a significant recovery process after this surgery. Patients will experience swelling and discomfort and should not lie on their butt or be in a seated position for at least two weeks after their surgery. One risk of butt implant surgery is displacement of the implant and malposition. It looks like one of two things may have happened here. It is possible that your implant has slipped out of the pocket where it is supposed to live. Or the implant was placed too superficially and your body has reacted by creating a great deal of scar tissue around it. Either way, it appears that you  will require a surgical procedure to re-create the pocket and replace the implant where it belongs. Be sure that you work with a board certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in butt augmentation and butt implants for this tricky revision.

See your surgeon

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Please see your surgeon to express your dissatisfaction. It appears that your implants were not placed properly or have rotated somehow. Best of luck.

Rotated Buttock Implant

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The picture shows that the implants do not have enough coverage, and at least the right implant is rotated.

You probably are not a good candidate for that butt implant.

You are lean and that poses a problem in offering you many options. However you have some options

1. Liposuction to the illic crest and love handles and may be the posterior thigh will define your bittock, AND FAT TRANSFER

2. If you have excess on the abdomen then a tummy tuck and using the skin and fat from the abdomen will be used as dermis fat graft.

But first you need to remove the implants you have before more thining of tissue on top of the implant get worse.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Being thin is a problem.

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Being thin is a difficult problem when deciding to use buttocks implants.  The implants need to be broader with less projection and they need to be placed into an intra-muscular position.  I agree that your implants are either subcutaneous or subfascial.  Ask your surgeon which plane was used.  Because you are only five weeks post surgery the implants are going to be firm for a while longer.  You will only know the full extent of the outcome when you reach six months post surgery.  Problems than can occur with any implant are implant malposition and implant capsular contracture.  These phenomena result in hard, misshapened implants and are most evident in thin patients like yourself.  Go back to your surgeon and have an honest conversation about your concerns so that you know that you have been heard.  If you don't feel like your surgeon can be of help, then it is your right to get a second opinion.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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