Painful and Tight Buttocks After Butt Implants

I had my butt implants put in around 9 years ago, and now I feel tightness along with pain in my buttocks that goes down my legs. My butt gets really hard and it makes walking difficult for me. Is there a way that I can find out if the implants are what's causing this?

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The cause of Painful and tight buttocks after Butt Implants

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Your problem is twofold.

First of all, you are getting a contraction of the scar tissue around the implant. This is known as a capsular contracture and is a well known phenomenon seen with breast implants. The scar capsule is attached to your muscle and that is why you feel the tightness and hardness.

Secondly, the implant is impinging on the sciatic nerve, which is why you are having pain that runs down your leg.

You may need to have the implants removed if they are causing symptoms. I prefer fat injections because they not only increase the size of the butt, but change your overall proportions. See the link below

Painful buttocks after butt implants

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Hello. I would recommend getting an MRI to see exactly what is going on. You may have developed capsular contracture which is scar tissue formed around the implant. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeron who is experienced in performing butt augmentation for best results. Good luck to you.

Pain with butt implants

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Dear Lauderdale girl,

    Sorry for your troubles. My question to you is , did it start hurting suddenly or over long period of time. Sudden onset can be a result of hematoma due to trauma or infection. Both of which necessitate urgent consultation with a board certfied plastic  surgeon for immediate care. A longer duration of the symptoms ,might be from implants displacement due to capsule contracture. It is more likely to occure if the implants were placed under the muscle. Here, again , consult  with a board cetified plastic surgeon who might have to remove the implants from their present location and place them under the muscle fascia.

        All the best,

                          Dr Widder 

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Pain after Butt implants

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Butt implants can be performed successfully for butt augmentation with several caveats. If he Butt implant has been placed too superficially, your body will create scar tissue around the implant which can deform the shape of the implant and can cause pain. If this is the case, the implant should be removed as possible and left out or placed in a deeper position in the muscles of your butt. This can be a couple procedure area it is essential that you work with a poor certified plastic surgeon was great deal of experience in butt contouring and Butt implants to achieve a successful result

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