Why do I still have bags under my eyes 8 months after lower eyelid surgery?

Hi I got upper and lower eye lid surgery 8 months ago . After surgery around 5 months later the swelling and bags under my eyes were almost as if gone and now 8 months later I see bags again. Little bags but enough to bother me . My surgeon told me that the bags under my eyes will never return but here it is again. I am very unhappy and I want to know if this is normal . Please help me . Thank you

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Results post lower lid blepheroplasties

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It is hard to give an intelligent answer to your concerns without seeing before and after pictures.  Also it is hard to answer your concern without knowing what technique your surgeon used to do the lower lid blepheroplsty.

It is best to continue the conversation with your surgeon about what is the exact problem you still have and what can still be done about it.  

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Nagi T Ayoub MD, FACS

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Recurrent lower lid bags can occur after good surgery

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I have added a link that might be helpful...

Hi EM1550.  There are several reasons why the appearance of bags can recur, ranging from recurrent herniation of fat pads, to bulky eyelid muscle, and excess skin if you have repeated bouts of allergic swelling that stretches out the skin.  An in person examination is necessary to differentiate.  Be sure to return to your plastic surgeon for a full evaluation and discussion of treatment options.  Hang in there,

Eyelid bags can return in some cases

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It is possible to have reoccurance of eyelid bags after surgery. It is not surgeon's fault. You should not be upset with your surgeon.  He seems to have done his job when you had your surgery.
When bags come back they need another operation.     

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Bags returned after lower eyelid surgery: why?

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Without knowing the details of your surgery it is impossible to know.  However, after all of the swelling goes away, sometimes the orbital rims become a little more visible which can easily be corrected with fat grafting or filler. If the orbicularis muscle was tightened during surgery, that correction can relax a little over time. I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon,


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Without photos, it is impossible to offer a comment.                    



Recurrent lower lid bags

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Pictures would be very helpful.   There is a lot of fat behind and around the eyes.  After taking out fat during the surgery,  the fat that is behind the eyes may come forward and create new bags.  This usually takes several years, but may occur more rapidly in some people.     

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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