Crying after jaw implants, what have I done to my face? I ruined it.

I had a narrow and tiny jaw that was in a circular motion before. I wanted jaw implants to give me that sharp male model jaw look. While my profile looks very good my jaw from the front looks awful!!! It got wider, but no angularity. It's like my face looks fat. I am crying my eyes out wasted all this money for a procedure that just made my face wider. I liked how I look before! I dont know if this is swelling as I am almost 2 weeks post OP. I ruined my face. This was a horrible procedure.

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Jaw Implant Recovery

It is important at just two weeks after surgery to take a deep breath and step back and get some perspective. Jaw angle implants cause an enormous amount of swelling that takes 6 to 8 weeks to fully go away. The largest muscle on your face has been lifted away from the bone to out them in on both sides of the face. I have seen many (and will see many more) jaw angle implant patients who at two weeks after surgery are questioning their decision for surgery. As a general rule, expect 50% of the swelling to be gone by 10 days after surgery, 75% by three and 95% by six weeks. So you have a long way to go to see the final result. It is possible that you may have the wrong style or size of jaw angle implants for your face (widening ver vertical lengthening jaw angle implants) but that remains to be seen. Rest assured that you have not ruined your face as the implants are completely reversible and your face should return to its preoperative shape.

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Post procedure swelling can persist for weeks to months

Reality TV has really done a disservice to surgical patients who expect their surgical results to be evident immediately after surgery, When dealing with human tissue, we swell, bruise, often asymmetrically, differing by skin type, ethnicity, surgical procedure, etc. In my opinion, 2 weeks is not a realistic time to view postop results. I encourage patients to wait at least 6 weeks to 3 months (and somethime 6 months) before making a definitive decision about their surgical results. Implants can be removed, so don't worry too much, just be patient. Talk to your doctor about it. Maybe they would consider a short course of steroids to help bring down some of the swelling and at least make you feel a little better about things.

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Visible swelling may persist for a month after chin implant surgery.

Based in your description of an improved profile and widening on front view, you may be experiencing swelling. 

You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and visualize the shape of the implant - possibly a sizer - for reassurance. You can ask if a short course of prednisone may be helpful.

if you hate your chin implant in a month, and if it's silicone, removal may be straightforward without sequelae.

Hope these words help you during your recovery.

My best.

Dr Joseph

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