I had a lipoma removed and I can no longer move my eyebrow.

After having a CT and MRI done a neuro surgeon who also works in plastics assured me that my lipoma was not rooted or connected to anything and said it would be a easy removal and that the scarring would be minimal. I had this removed roughly a week ago.. I have lost the ability to raise my left eyebrow. I've questioned the surgeon about this issue and he told me that I had a nerve that was went into the lipoma that he had to cut. Is my function to move my left eyebrow gone?!

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Nerve damage after lipoma removal

If the nerve was severed, you may have a permanent nerve problem that may have to be repaired. 


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#Lipoma - I can no longer move my eyebrow

This is an unusual consequence of surgery but not completely unlikely since there are nerves (nearby) that control the motion of the frontalis (forehead) muscle.  It is important to assess whether or not this nerve has been cut.  If it has not, then it should come back on its own, although that can take a while depending on the degree of the presumed injury to the nerve (if that's what happened).  If it has been cut then it should be repaired surgically in an attempt to have the nerve regrow (which it may do to a greater or lesser extent).  I'm a little unclear as to what degree this has been assessed post-op.  If those studies were done before then they should be repeated now.  In any event, you should seek additional opinions (if necessary) from a board-certified plastic surgeon and a neurosurgeon near you.  Now is the time to accumulate opinions and try to figure out what, if anything, can and should be done.  I'm obviously sorry for the problem you're having but I hope that this has helped and good luck.  Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500

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I had a lipoma removed and I can no longer move my eyebrow

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your lipoma issues.  If the lipoma was located just to the side of your eyes or over the outer corner of your eyebrow there is a nerve branch that runs through this area that is responsible for moving your frontalis forehead muscle.  This muscle is responsible for raising your eyebrow.  In most cases this nerve would not be cut if identified and rather moved out of the way which can cause it not to work temporarily.  If this nerve was cut however it may no longer be able to move your forehead/eyebrow.  I would definitely discuss this with your surgeon

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