I have a sunken in eye as a result of a concussion, will it go away or is there a way to fix it? (Photos)

I got into a car accident and got a "mild" concussion. I have noticed that my right eye has sunken in and is directed looking more up than my left one. Now my face looks different on either side :( . can I predict that this will get any better with time as it was the result of a concussion or is it permanent. Could surgery fix it? Could things go wrong anmy eyes end up looking less similar? Are there eye exercises that could fix this sunken eye ? Is there any way to fix it that is non invasive?

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If you do indeed have a sunken eye, termed enophthalmos, you may have suffered an orbital floor fracture that resulted in herniation of the periocular fat into the maxillary cavity.  Your CT scans should be able to identify this.  If this is the case, it can be corrected by repairing the orbital floor with an implant.  You can see a board certified plastic surgeon with your CT scans for an evaluation.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

See oculoplastic specialist

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Concussion doesn't make the eye sunken or move abnormally. But underlying orbital blow-out fracture can.  See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.  Also need to obtain CT scan of orbits.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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You have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis and lash ptosis with a compensatory eyebrow elevation.

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A detailed consultation might establish the relationship between the concussion and the eyelid ptosis.  It may be related.  No matter what, you have ptosis now.  You need an anterior ptosis surgery with an anchor blepharoplasty to support the upper eyelid lashes.  The eyebrows will relax down after surgery.  If your accident was less than 6 months ago, you should wait this time frame before seeking consultations to address this issue.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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My eyes and face look different after an auto accident and a concussion.

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Thanks for the question.  I wish that I could give you a simple and clear cut answer at this time, but I can't.  I do feel that a thorough examination by your personal physician, possibly referring you to a Neurologist and other specialists would be a very good starting review of your condition.  Discussion of possible surgery for improvement of your condition is very premature.

Good luck to you

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I have a sunken in eye as a result of a concussion, will it go away or is there a way to fix it?

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There could be a major issue. Best to obtain a scan of your facial/orbital bones to see if there is an anatomic issue i.e. fracture. Also see cranial facial surgeon/neurosurgeon/neurologist for clearances and additional workup for changes in facial appearances from trauma..

Sunken eye after accident

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I'm sorry to hear about your accident. It is possible that you suffered trauma to your eye socket. Often impact to the eye causes a break in the eye socket floor. This then leads to the eye "sinking in" and changing position as you've described. If this is what has occurred, it requires a procedure to correct. It is treatable. 

Seek out a plastic surgeon that has experience in eye procedures. A full evaluation will determine the exact problem. 

Good luck. 

Gary Vela, MD, FACS
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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