Is there anything I can do to make my eyes the same size? (photo)

I've been noticing more and more how my eyes aren't the same size, one is bigger than the other. It looks higher too, my pupils also look like they are at slightly different heights. I dont know if this is something that has always been the same or if it is getting worse over time. I spoke with the opticians about it and they said I don't need glasses. Is there anything I can do to help balance my eyes (so to speak)?

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Size + Eyelid Surgery +cheek bones+scleral show

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According to your pics your asymmetry comes from the facial bones, your left side is slightly higher than the right side. It is a very common deformity. 

Your cheek bones are very asymmetrical, most receding on your left half face, giving bad support to lower eyelid with scleral-show.

Mesenchymal stem cells could help or cure.

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Normal asymmetry

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It is normal to not be totally symmetric. We are always our worse critic and this asymmetry is most likely only apparent to you.

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Larger eye

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There are many things that can cause the uneven or asymmetric appearance you are seeing.  First it is important to determine if the bony structure around the eye or the tissue behind the eye has been changing.  This could cause one eye to look sunken or the other to look prominent.  You have some asymmetry in the soft tissue or the eyelid itself and this can cause one to look asymmetric.

The first step is to seek an opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon as to the cause of the asymmetry and make sure it is not behind the eye.  But yes there are many options depending upon the cause

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