Ripple feeling on inside of breast? (Photo)

It's been about 4months PO. I had a revision due to deflation on the breast in question. On the inner side of my breast when I touch the implant it feels rippled almost. Yet you can't see it from looking at it. No signs of deflation. Is this normal? Is this something I should be worried about?

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Most implants are palpable along the lower pole.  If it is not visible, then you do not need surgery. Best of luck.

Rippling can be seen with implants

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Thanks for your question. The edge of the implant is often palpable in a thin person; particularly with a saline implant. Saline implants have more tendency to ripple. Being able to feel it is normal, but if there is visible rippling then that is another story. Changing implants or adding fat are a couple of options. Best discussed with your surgeon. Best of Luck!

Implant Rippling

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Thank you for your question. It may be possible to feel the edges of your implant after breast augmentation. It is more common when placed above the muscle (sub glandular) and if the implant is Saline.  If this continues to worry you, seek an appointment with your surgeon to discuss and be evaluated in person.


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Unfortunately, all breast implants, especially in women with little overlying breast tissue can have ripples. Saline implants, when properly filled or worse for rippling than silicone gel implants. The more highly gel filled Allergan Natrelle Inspira seemed to  ripple less than some of the other well-known implants. when saline implants are grossly overinflated, they may have no ripples but they will feel quite firm and look like a round mass below the breast. Sometimes the adding of a piece of Strattice over the inside portion of the breast can act as a buffer in hiding some of these underlying ripples. Alternatively, fat grafting has been somewhat heplful in thickening the overlying tissue as well. Ask your plastic surgeon about these choices. There is nothing to  worry abou,t it is completely normal. Best of luck.

Ripple feeling on inside of breast

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Thank you for your question.  It may be possible to feel the edge of the implant after surgery without it being visible or anything bad going on.  It may be that the tissue in that area is a little thinner and therefore the implant can be felt more.  Be sure to check in with your Plastic Surgeon to have your progress and healing tracked and best of luck.

Dr. K.

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