I have hump nose because I wear spectacles and they are big too. What do I do? (Photos)

I wear spectacles so I have depression and bump in my nose.. My nose are very big compared to my face.. This makes my face look ugly.. Please suggest me what can I do to rectify it without ant disaster. I have heard that sometimes nose jobs become disaster.

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Nose Bump Due to Spectacles

Hi Lina,

Wearing spectacles/eyeglasses usually doesn't have anything to do with your problem, however, based from the photos, your nose really has a significant hump which can be corrected. Should you have other concerns with the shape of your nose, you can have all issues addressed in one surgery.

Properly performed Rhinoplasties should not end in disasters.

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Rhinoplasty candidate

Thank you for your question and helpful photos.

I believe you will benefit greatly with a well executed rhinoplasty where the hump, nose width, and nasal tip are addressed. Please seek an in person consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon with vast experience in ethnic rhinoplasties. I hope this helps.

Best wishes and kind regards,

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Hump reduction


Thanks for your question and photos. It appears you might be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty with reduction of the nasal hump or dorsum. I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon nearby so that he/she can examine you and evaluate your nose and breathing to see if you are a good candidate. 

Best wishes in your journey,

Dr. Blagg

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Thank you for your question and photographs.

I recommend that you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty to have a nasal examination performed and a review of your medical history to see if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Based on the photographs you have posted and your cosmetic goals, I believe you would benefit from a hump reduction and tip rhinoplasty. A dorsal hump can be removed by cutting out the extra cartilage along with filing of the bone to smooth out the bump. A tip rhinoplasty includes trimming the lower lateral cartilages and placing precision sutures to refine the tip and make it look more pleasing. Best of luck in your endeavors.

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I have hump nose because I wear spectacles and they are big too. What do I do?

The hump is not caused by your glasses. It is caused by your anatomy. You have the potential for a much improved nasal appearance, provided you seek out a well qualified Board Certified PS. I would utilize a closed technique because I feel there is no need to open the nose for a Primary Rhinoplasty such as yours. Good luck and be very careful who you choose!

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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