Immediately after rhinoplasty (in recovery room), will the nose and chin look like that for the final result?

At that time there was minimal swelling. I did rhinoplasty for a underprojected tip and weak chin to give my profile an improved look. however, my chin looks pointed down instead of outwards after, and still looks bad. My nose tip is upturned and looks like a short nose. By short I mean it barely extends past my top lips in the profile picture. After going home and swelling, the tip is nice, however the initial recovery room ones were extremely disappoint and uglier than before. Was that final?

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Right after surgery

I can assure you that right after surgery, your final shape cannot be realized. A photograph however, would be very helpful to provide you more accurate advice.

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I think it is too early to make any assumptions about your final results.  What you may have noticed in the recovery area may have been with swelling as well.  I would recommend that you be patient and let time heal.  Also, be sure to follow up with your surgeon.

Sunny Park, MD, MPH
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Rhinoplasty result

Immediately after a rhinoplasty procedure, on the OR table, your surgeon has a good visual of the final result, as minimal swelling has occurred.  But with a splint in place in the recovery room, you're not going to see what you'd consider a final result.  Many times we over rotate the tip with the splint tape, so don't think your tip will always look like that.  I tell my patients that 80 to 85% of the swelling goes down within 6 to 8 weeks, but it takes the better part of a year for the rest to resolve (usually the tip is the last to resolve). Hope this helps.

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Give your nose time

It is best not to draw final conclusions about your surgery without allowing adequate time for healing. In general, several weeks to months are required before the majority of swelling has abated. Healing can progress for a year or longer, so try to remain patient at this time. Be sure to follow up with your surgeon regularly and express your concerns. Good luck!

Mark Been, MD
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Immediately after rhinoplasty (in recovery room), will the nose and chin look like that for the final result?

It will take weeks to months to see the final result from Rhinoplasty surgery.  Most likely, you had a splint on your nose in the recovery room which would make it impossible to see the result.  Unless you had  chin surgery at the same setting, there should be no change to your chin.  Address your concerns to your surgeon as he is the only one who knows exactly what was done in your surgery.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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