How long does it take for temporary dorsal hump from trauma to go down?

I hit my nose hard on a pillar 3 weeks. The pain was quite bad and I went home immediately and slept it off. The next morning it was swollen and red. I noticed there was a small bump on my nose - which is still there I have pressure in my nose - would this be the result of lingering swelling/inflammation? When I press on the bridge of the nose and pull to one side, the bump on the bridge goes down. Its given me some hope but I am slightly sceptical that this is just what happens to any nose.

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Possible break?

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The bump could be soft tissue swelling, which will resolve in 2-4 weeks with ice and massage.  But if you have broken your nasal bone, it may remain when the swelling goes down.  I would have it looked at by a plastic surgeon at your earliest convenience.

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Trauma to nose

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Without seeing you in person, impossible to predict. If the bump doesn't resolve on it's own in the next couple of months, you will need to schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to have it assessed. 


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