How Can I Get Back my Original Eyeshape?

My eyes are sunken becoz of constant use of specs for a long time.They have lost their original shape and had gone deep inside the socket. I want to fix this problem as i dont look good eye doctor says they cant get back to normal, but i believe they can. please help!

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Sunken in eyes

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Without any pictures, it is impossible to tell how sunken the eyes are in and whether or not there anything that can be done about it. Most likely when the eyes are that sunken in and hollow there is very little that can be done. Fat grafting into the orbit is fraught with complications.

Eye shape

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AS we age sometimes the eyes appear to sink back into the eye socket. This is something that can not be changed. WIhtout an exam it is hard to say , but if they appear hollow, fillers can be used along the rim to camouflage the appearance.

Sunken eyes and treatment.

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The eyes can't be "pushed forward". They can be made to look better in many patients with fillers placed along the orbital bone very carefully so you don't get lumps.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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