What kind of procedure will give my bulbous nose a better more attractive look. (photos)

I have big bulbous tip and the alar is slightly wide. I don't have a hump on my bridge it seems pretty well straight and balanced.My main concern is the huge ball end and alar .. What needs to be done with tipplasty to downsize the ball and should a alarplasty work in make my overall new look good.. My nostrils are long vertically .my nose feels very hollow and the skin and cartilage feels very thin .don't want a pinched look or pointy looking outcome I have attached a picture of my desired nose

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The dream nose


Thanks for the query and photos.

I can appreciate what you are saying about the tip and yes it is bulbous. The cause will be a combination of the skin and the cartilage.

You tend to have thicker skin which will add volume to the tip, and the cartilages appear larger than ideal. the cartilage can be addressed but the skin will be what will limit the final result.

The " ideal nose" you have posted does have a few more differences from your current nose that perhaps need to be appreciacted so as to avoid disappointment from a tip rhinoplasty.

To approach your ideal nose result you would need a full rhinoplasty as the bony base in narrower as is the alar width, and this in combination with a smaller tip achieves what you regard as  a good.

The key will be a full assessment by a rhinoplasty surgeon and from there a plan 

I hope that helps

Jeremy Hunt

Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty; matching the dream with reality

Thank you for the comprehensive set of pictures and your query. From the photos it appears that you have very strong full tip cartilages, heavy alars and high thick nostril sills. I think your skin looks thick rather than thin and is of a very different texture to your "dream nose".These features make the tip of your nose look heavy and rounded rather than sculpturally defined. These aspects would need to be directly assessed in person but on the basis of what I can see in the photos some refinement is possible but not the dream nose to which you aspire. It is not possible to achieve any nose on any patient, the possibilities are limited by what you start with. Too big a change is usually followed by structural and aesthetic problems and leads to the need for secondary surgery which nearly always requires the structural reconstruction of the nose (making it bigger again!). 
Having said that, some significant refinement is possible via modifying the tip cartilages and alar bases through an open rhinoplasty approach. An expert rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to advise you on what is possible and if that is not enough then do not proceed. Going too far will lead to greater disappointment.

Matthew Hansen, MBBS, FRACS
Perth Plastic Surgeon
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Dream nose

 open rhinoplasty  can sharpen your bulbous tip ,narrow alar base ,  narrow at mid nose.   one can target your dream nose as a goal , but cant promise  to make so small from the begining as tissue factors play major role which can be assesed only after personal examination please discuss in detail with your plastic surgeon

Milan Doshi, MS, MCh
India Plastic Surgeon
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There are a couple of issues of which you should be aware.  Firstly in my practice the most important thing is that your expectations from surgery meets the desired outcome that I think is surgically possible.  The desired nose that you show seems eminently achievable. 
If I were to look at your facial side profile I would say that ideally you would have a tip rhinoplasty and also consider a chin implant. If you don't want a chin implant (which is completely fine and is your choice) then I would consider making your whole nose smaller and less projected and having a full rhinoplasty rather than just a tip rhinoplasty.



Proceedure for bulbous nose

Because you require very little modification of the middle and upper aspect of your nose the bulbous tip could be approached as a closed rhinoplasty.
Digital imaging with your rhinoplasty will further define your aesthetic goals and after internal and external evaluation possibly modify the technique .
These are outpatient procedures requiring about a week off work.

Darryl J. Hodgkinson, MD
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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