I am 9 day post MACS facelift, upper eyelids and fat transfer to face. Will the bunched up skin improve? (Photo)

The scaring behind my ears have horrified me. The skin is all bunched up and my right ear is now higher and sits out more than originally. I have seen much smoother jobs online. I also cannot talk properly because of the tightening of the neck which also has left dimple affects both sides of neck. Will this bunching flatten completely? If I need surgery to fix this when would it be suitable to undergo? Have I expected too much this early?

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Bunching after facelift

Sorry you are in this predicament vrich1. I suspect this is going to need revision. It should improve a little in the next few weeks but there is a lot of skin excess to "lose". This is why I am not an advocate of the short scar facelifts. 

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I am 9 day post MACS facelift, upper eyelids and fat transfer to face. Will the bunched up skin improve?

Thank you for your question and images. 9 days is very early in the healing process and therefore you need to be patient to see the final results. Your incisions are not consistent with a true MACS lift where the incision finishes at the bottom of the ear lobe. Therefore your surgeon likely extended the incision behind the ear to allow for excess skin however this also needed to be extended to the hairline. The true art of facelift surgery is to choose the correct vector for the SMAS suspension and then tailor the overlying skin to avoid excessive bunching. At present the best thing to do is to be patient, the bunching will certainly improve with time. If you are not happy with the final results I would be more than happy to review your case.
Dr Guy Watts

It's too early

It's too early, your face will go through a lot of changes.  I don't think 9 days after surgery is enough for you to see the final results.  YOu may or may not need a touch up, but I would allow things to heal for at least three months before jumping into a revision.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Don't worry just yet, you are still very early in the healing process and you will be surprised at how much this skin will flatten. If it does require a revision it should be a simple one and under local.  

Mark T. Boschert, MD
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Be patient

Hi. It is still early days. The trade iff for a shorter scar facelift is some bunching and you will be amazed at how well it settles down. You will be thankful for the tight neck with time and it will soften. Regards


Your skin has gathered up behind your ears more than usual.  However it definitely will improve with time.  Your surgeon may need to revise this to obtain the best contour and scars.  

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Bunching of skin after facelift

This could be a problem or not but too early to tell.  Bunching of the skin can happen from the short scar that tends to happen less from the regular scar facelift..it is an issue of geometry in my opinion.  I would wait and see how this plays out but remember that some folding of the skin can have a natural appearance once all the healing is complete.
Good luck
Dr Vasisht
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Worried 9 days after MACS lift

Thank you for asking about your MACS lift recovery.

  • The bunching of the skin behind the ears will improve as swelling subsides.
  • It isn't clear what was done in the neck -
  • The MACS lift can lift the neck with a suture - if this is the cause of the dimpling, it should improve.
  • It is too early to tell if anything needs to be done -
  • Stay in touch with your surgeon and give yourself time to recover.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Gathered Skin with MACS Face Lift

Thank you for your pictures.  The gathering of skin behind the ears is typical for a MACS face lift.  The slight gathering in front of your ears is not ideal.  I would re-evaluate your result at three months. 

9 days post MAC lift

I understand your concerns, but you are way to early to judge anything. Yes likely the pleating will undoubtedly get better as well as the tightness and dimpling. The hardest thing and the bet thing to do is have patience and talk to your doc. I hope this helps.

Ritu Chopra MD

Ritu Chopra, MD
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