I need suggested treatment for Severe Pain following Giant EpiSacral Lipomata Removal?

Hello, I had 2 large (7 x 7 x 4) and (6 x 7 x 4) Episacral Lipomas removed from my sacrum. The surgeon cut down to the vertibral fascia. I do not think these were traditional lipomas, but fat hernations as they developed following a severe car accident. I subsequently developed a seroma in each pocket and have stabbing/burning pain. I would love to know if there is any treatment for my now chronic pain and/or scar tissue. Any help or treatment recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I need suggested treatment for severe pain following lipomata removal?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your recovery issues.  Depending on the timing of surgery it is best to first drain any seromas that may be existing and confirm this through ultrasound.  If your recovery has otherwise been unremarkable, and this pain is new since your procedure, it should improve with time and scar massage techniques may help.  If your pain was preexisting and there are no other anatomic reasons for your pain (herniated disk for example) then a consultation with a pain management specialist may be in order.  Hope this helps.

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