How can flattening my nose bridge help my overall appearance? (Photo)

My upper nose bridge is wide and protruding, and I have a theory that if I were to have that area thinned and flattened/lowered, that my eyes would appear further apart and my eye hollows less apparent, due to the shadow from the nose being decreased. This would be a desirable result for me. Could this be true? Thanks!

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Rhinoplasty inquiry

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An excellent way to get a better sense of the changes that are possible is to have your surgeon perform computer morphing of your images. Although there are limitations, this will help you visualize what small changes will have on the overall balance of your appearance.

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Flat nasal bridge

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It is correct the flat nasal bridge will make the eyes appeared wider than they are.  However, about wide nasal bridge might not add to the overall facial beauty.  He needed discuss this in detail with a surgeon before proceeding with the nasal surgery. You don't want to sacrifice the beauty of one area to help another.


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Rhinoplasty and Facial Harmony

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Overall facial balance and aesthetics are significantly influenced by one's nose. If your bridge is wide and overprotected with a hump, sometimes the shadow effect surrounding the base of your nasal bone and/or cartilage can detract from related eyelid and orbital features. 

Each individual case is different, so I would recommend a Facial Plastic Surgery consultation and computing imaging studies to determine appropriate benefits to considering a rhinoplasty. Your thoughtful approach will be helpful in determining your goals and expections. Depending on your exam and age, other recommendations involving your eyelids and upper facial harmony concerns may also need to be considered. Good luck. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
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