Is it possible for my eyelids too be too thin for surgery?

Is it possible for my eyelids too be too thin for surgery?anytime I touch my thin eyelids with anything It touches by would a surgical knife avoid cutting my eyes?I really want a Blepharoplasty but I am frightened my eyelids are too thin or small for one.

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Eye lid surgery

The eyelid is some of the thinnest skin in the body - this goes for everyone. I would recommend visiting a board certified facial plastic surgeon or board certified oculoplastic surgeon to determine what your specific needs would be BUT in general, the skin being thin is not a deterrent for eyelid surgery. I hope this helps

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The Bleph21, the ultimate blepharoplasty - update

You will be surprised to see how strong is the eyelid multilayered skin...

On frozen cadaver we can separate these layers for practicing different techniques. for your information the lower lid bleph is obsolete. It is not good for the vision to remove the fat support of the eyeball bulging under the skin.

FAMI stem cells procedure care cure the deformity by injection we call it Bleph21.

Chose carefully your surgeon. 

Roger Amar, MD
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Blepharoplasty with Thin Skin

The eyelid is actually composed of multiple layers of tissue. No ones skin is so thin that it cannot be incised safely. Therefore, you should have no problem having a blepharoplasty by an experienced surgeon if that is what you need.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Eyelid skin is very thin, but that is normal

Making incisions into the eyelid skin involves carefully opening each layer. I generally protect the eyeball with a metal contact lens. Even with this in place, I've never cut through to the metal shield accidentally. If you are in the hands of an experienced eyelid surgeon, they've likely seen just about every different type of eyelid and yours are likely more ordinary than you think.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
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Eyelid surgery

The eyelids normally comprise some of the thinning tissue in the body.  A clinical examination would be required to assess your anatomy and to determine whether or not a blepharoplasty is indicated for you.  The next appropriate step would be to consult with a surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery.

Paul Nazemi, MD
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