Does the Amount of Dysport Affect How Long It Lasts?

I have had frown lines treated with 40 units and had good and long-lasting results. Even 8 months later, it had not fully worn off. I went to another doctor and asked him to treat my frown lines, but it appears he injected my whole forehead. I can still frown, but can't lift my brows at all. I was told he used 75 units. It's really awful and now I'm afraid the higher dose means it will take even longer to wear off. When can I expect to at least start getting movement back?

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The more Dysport given, the longer it could last

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The dose of the neurotoxin is related to how long it lasts.  In general, the more Dysport given, the longer it could last.  But, we always want to achieve the ideal aesthetic result which is usually to soften the lines and reshape the face, rather than just freeze it.  If the forehead is very frozen and the furrows were not treated significantly, sometimes treating the furrows as a touch up may help to make the forehead appear less frozen and the brows less droopy.  In addition, there’s a slight variation on how each patient reacts to the neurotoxin.  So sometimes the dosing can vary slightly.  If a high dose is used, it may take a little bit longer to go away, but eventually it will completely dissipate.

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Dysport Effect lasts for up to 6 months, sometimes longer.

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The overall effect of Dysport could last for 6 months, and at times longer, based on my experience. However, a lot of the sensation you are currently feeling of not being able to raise your eyebrows (which tends to be more pronounced during your first injection of this area) should wear off in the next few weeks. You will soon regain some additional movement of the eyebrows, and will probably be very happy to enjoy the next several months free of forehead lines. Be patient. I think you will probably have a very nice outcome.

Does Dosing Effect Duration of Dysport?

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Very good quesion, but it is not clear why your forehead was dosed if you wanted the frown lines (glabella area) dosed.  Lines that are horizontal are a result of forehead movement.  Lines that are vertical between the brows are a different muscle group than the forehead.  With that said, make certain that the practitioner understood your treatment goals.

In our experience and that of studies, dosing does have a direct correlation on duration.  Underdosing not only affects outcomes, it may also shorten duration of those outcomes.  Think of it as the treatment being able to get a good sprint but cannot finish the marathon. 

Above all else, dosing should be based primarily on each patient's treatment goals and appropriate need at the time of treatment.  With consistent treatments, one's needs should be less or duration extended.


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Duration of Action of Dysport

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The length of action of Botox and Dysport are not dependent on the dose.  The dose only affects the effect.  However the duration of effect will be the same regardless of dose.  So, the Dysport should last about as long as it did the first time you had it injected.



If I use more units of Dysport will it last longer?

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In order to achieve a maximal benefit with Dysport for the treatment of a specific muscle, one must use the correct number of units to achieve that maximal result. If you use more units than that, there would be no appreciable difference--it would likely not last longer.  If one was below the maximal benefit, then using more units would increase the effect (better paralyze the muscle) and/or it would last longer. 

Lets think of a see saw at a playground. If a boy sits on one side and he weighs 75 pounds, I need to put a child weighing more than 75 pounds on the other side to raise him in the air. If I put a 300 pound Sumo wrestler on the other side the result would be the same as an 80 pound boy as once the original 75 pound boy is all the way up in the air, adding more weight to the other side will not raise him up any further.

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Don't worry will wear off

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Don't worry, your Dysport will probably last no longer than it did last time. I do find that sometimes a little more , injected IN THE SAME AREA, does last a bit longer but yours was spread further out which does not effect longevity. Maybe will last an even shorter time.  

Jo Herzog, MD
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How Long to Expect Dysport to Last

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The effects from Dysport or Botox injections will typically last from three to six months and will rarely last much longer. I typically inject fifty units of Dysport when treating the glabellar forehead. It is not likely the higher dose will make the effect last longer, especially since it was spread out over a larger area.


Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Duration of Action of Botulinum Toxin type A

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Dysport, like Botox Cosmetic, are both serotype A botulinum toxins, and both have a similar duration of action – typically 3-6 months with an average of about 4 months. Many patients who have been treated with both products say that the Dysport works a few days sooner then the Botox; but I have not seen any difference in the overall duration of action.

The recommended dose of Dysport for the treatment of glabellar frown lines is 50 units, the dose used in the FDA trials. This dose works well, but I have found that many patients have better results with 60 units. If 40 units works well for you there is no reason to change/increase the dose. And after a certain point, more toxin is not better, it’s just wasted.

The fact that you are happy with your results 8 months later is fantastic. Although, I would suggest that the Dysport has been completely metabolized and your continued results are related more to a modification of what muscles you are using for expression. Following treatment with a botulinum toxin, a few patients (subconsciously) modify their expression and use the treated muscles less.

Initially, some patients either don’t understand the difference or may be a bit vague in their description of what areas they want treated. If there is doubt I use a mirror to allow the patient to point to exactly what they are referring to. There is a definite anatomic difference between treating the ‘frown lines’ and the ‘forehead’, and what subsequently may happen to the eyebrow position. I, personally, like to achieve near complete inactivity of the glabellar muscles (frown lines), but I am lighter in my treatment of the frontalis muscle (forehead lines) because I don’t like to drop the eyebrow position (eyebrow ptosis). If your doctor used 75 units of Dysport to treat both your frown lines and transverse forehead lines, that might be an appropriate amount; but it sounds as if the distribution of its placement should have been different. If your doctor used 75 units of Dysport to treat just your forehead, I would consider that too large a dose for the majority of patients.

It appears the physician who treated you initially did a fine job, and perhaps you have already considered going back to him/her when you need treatment in the future. Best wishes

Kenneth Dembny, II, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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You had a good result with the first doctor. Why did you go to another doctor the second time?????

Treating the frown lines does not include injecting the entire forehead???????????????

The forehead is for the tansverse lines on the forehead. and the forehead muscle need much less neurotoxin, it is a very sensitive muscle and complte paralysis of the forehead muscle ( FRONTALIS) will result in brow drooping.

No antidote, effect will last 4-6 months

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Length of Dysport Effects

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The recommended dosage of Dysport for glabellar (frown) lines is 50 units, which typically last four to four and a half months. Younger people can get longer results.

You don't list your age or how long after your treatment you noticed your results. The forehead is an off label use of Dysport, but 75 units is not an unreasonable amount. With this amount of Dysport,over your entire forehead you should expect similar duration as you had in your frown lines. If you had injections directly over your eye brows, you may be scowly for two to three weeks. I generally avoid injecting directly over the brows so they still have movement and look natural.

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