Alternative Procedure to Tighten Jawline?

What is the best option for tightening the jawline for the very beginning of jowls? I am only 43 and have been told that I am not ready for any type of Facelift; however, I don't like the appearance of my lower face.

I have tried Thermage twice and it has not produced the effect I had hoped for. Thank you

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Is a #Toronto #facelift an option for women and men age 40? It depends...

Thank you for your question as this is often an answer I have to discuss in my practice in downtown Toronto and in Richmond Hill, north Toronto, Ontario.

There is no minimal age for facelift as long as you present the anatomical reasons for such a procedure.  There are shorter and less invasive techniques such as short-scar, skin-only or fat grafting alone or in combination with the skin excision.

Fillers are also a great way to slowly venture into #Toronto #aesthetic plastic surgery.  I have been practicing for 13 years now and commonly teach the filler techniques to other doctors across Canada.  I am a big user of Juvederm Voluma and Volbella for jaw contouring and liquid facelift.  Those new highly-cross-linked products last up to 18 months with no or very minimal downtime.  I must say since I have been using the cannula technique since 2011, bruises are almost never an issue anymore!  

Cost for the procedure(s) and Recovery are factors to consider.

Feel free to read my blog on the Cannula Technique.

I also like Radiesse for the jaw contouring and Perlane, the bigger 'brother' of Restylane.  My only limitation with Radiesse is that it cannot be used closer to the eyes and to the month, yet, it can be combined with the other juvederm and restylane products.

I do discuss the SMAS and facelift technique on my blog:

I hope this helps and it would be our pleasure to meet you at Visage Clinic in Toronto and Richmond Hill.


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Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto plastic surgeon

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Treatment for jowls with a mini facelift cam be your best option

To answer this question for you I would really need to see your photos as any advice otherwise would just be a guess. Jowls can be SLIGHTLY improved with SKILLFULLY performed liposuction on SOME people. But in general the safest and most effective to improve the jowl is with a Facelift. I have done facelifts on many people in their early 30's who had significant jowls ( who had already had treatments like liposuction and Thermage etc). The results can be amazing and the patients have been thrilled and wished they had done the procedure even earlier.

Jason B. Diamond, MD
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40 year old with early jowls

At 40 years old and a touch of jowls, I would agree with the surgeons who have suggested camouflage techniques such as Radiesse.  This often works well, is safe, and does not hinder your ability to do other procedures in the future.  It does not surprise me that you are dissatisfied with Thermage, I don't believe I have ever met a patient who was.  I would encourage you to avoid all of the various machines that claim to provide a facelift without surgery, patients rarely see the promised changes, or even any change at all for that matter.  At your age I encourage you to be conservative.

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Alternative procedures to tighten jowl line

In my experience if you are trying to avoid surgery your next step would be to give Fraxel laser treatment a chance on your skin to see if this would tighten it sufficiently to meet your goals. If not, a minimal procedure such as a u-lift incision around the bottom of the ear may be required. In my practice, I am always happy to treat with no incisions if it works. But if it doesn't work we move to more advanced procedures. My personal experience with Thermage was disappointing, though I'm aware many people obtained successful outcomes with it.

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Different options to tighten the jawline

Patients today have many different options to tighten and recontour the jaw line. Patients may consider a dermal filler that can help camouflage a small amount of sagging along the jawline. Patients may consider a lower face or neck lift to help redraping the tissues of the lower face and clean the edge of the jaw. These techniques are often combined with fat injection to help replace some of the fat that is naturally lost in the aging process. For best results, you should work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has great deal of experience in lower facelift techniques, dermal fillers, fat grafting, and facial rejuvenation they will be able to assess the and let you know which combination of techniques will help meet your personal goals.

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Alternative procedures for tightening jawline

Despite the promise of Thermage and other Laser, radiofrequency, IPL devices, etc., I find they rarely deliver what patients expect.

You might consider Mittleman pre-jowl implants, which are a type of chin implant which is flat in the chin, but has a "bump" in the area of transition between chin and jowl ("pre-jowl"). It nicely smooths the line of the jaw.

Another approach is a combination of very light lipo of the cheek combined with filler or fat injection into the "pre-jowl" area.

These procedures do not tighten the skin per se, but they give the jawline a uniform and youthful appearance. You might want to give this a temporary try by injecting Radiesse into the prejowl area. If you don't like the effect, it's OK, one can manually massage and flatten the filler to reduce the effect. If you like the effect, you might want to continue periodically reinjecting Radiesse or trying the Mittleman prejowl implant, or the combo of lipo with fat injection.

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Radiofrequency Tightening May be Your Best Bet

But unfortunately you did not get much help from Thermage. The Refirme system combines laser light plus radiofrequency to tighten skin, but like Thermage the results are highly variable.

Deeper chemical peels can offer some thightening but rarely correct true jowl formation. You may have to wait until you are ready for a mini-facelift

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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Lower face

There is no specific age for facelifting, however it is difficult to assess what is going on without photography. I would start by saying that fillers and injectables are an amazing way to bridge someone who isn't quite ready for formal face lifting. There are ways of masking the jowls and camouflaging the irregularities caused by descent of tissue. Again, your best option is to see a board certified plastic surgeon for a full assessment.

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The Concept Facelift

Thank you for your question.  I have a lot of women your age suggest that they do not want a whole traditional facelift under general anaesthetic.  Firstly, they only want to target the lower face especially the jowls and secondly, they do not want the long recovery period.  Overall, this lead me to pinooeering Concept Facelifts.  They are unique due to the ability to be able to perform the procedure under a local anaesthetic whilst delivering the same surgical result that a traditional facelift would deliver but also using a small scar technique, as well as reducing the amount of recovery time.  This is due to the distinct lack of bruising and swelling.  The Concept Facelift is able to deliver patients, a natural look, rejvenating their lower face, making them look youthful.  This procedure approximately will last between 7-10 years, the same of a traditional facelift. 

I would suggest this procedure as it is still less invasive than a traditional facelift, therefore not having the long downtime, but will definitely target them jowls, making them tighter.

Best of Luck 

Precision TX Skin Tightening

This is a wonderful question! I see many patients in my office with this same concern. Depending on the extent of their treatment needs I may suggest one of a number of different treatment options from the liquid facelift to help volumize, to a more aggressive surgical treatment of a facelift, and for the minimal needs of a patient who is experiencing the very beginning of jowling and loss of neck/chin contour I always suggest the Precision TX. With the Precision TX I am able to work beneath the dermis actually stimulating new collagen growth and tightening of the skin. The downtime is minimal where the results are lasting. Patients will continue to see improvement and tightening over the next 3-6-12 months post procedure. Thermage is a non-invasive contouring option that only works with the collagen you have present offering a moderate to little change that is not permanent. With Precision TX the results are lasting and beautiful offering a wonderful option for patients like yourself seeking a minimally invasive yet lasting result.

Patrick Viscardi, MD
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