Cheek Wrinkles After Lower Face Lift

I had lower face lift, but now have horizontal lines on cheeks instead of vertical wrinkles. What's the best treatment for this now? I am happy with the results on my neck, since the surgeon did away with my ugly jowls. I also like the shape of my face, but the wrinkles have to go. Should I consider filler, laser, or what for this problem? Thank you.

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Treating wrinkles post lower facelift

You might be a candidate for fillers, which will help add volume and smooth out these wrinkles. However, without a picture it is hard to judge what treatments you will benefit from the most. You can send me a picture or if you are in the Los Angeles area you can come in for a consult in order to give you a full assessment.

The solution to your problem really depends on the type of wrinkles and how deep they are.

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Midface wrinkles after lower facelift

Dear Lower Facelift Patient from Illinois,
According to your description you had a lower facelift and it has given you a great result, correcting your jowls and neck. Remember aging process affects the entire face. At this point your lower face is rejuvenated, yet your mid face is still showing signs of aging. To treat this area, you need fat grafting to fill the area or you may choose to have laser resurfacing to correct the mid face creases. Good luck and good healing

Kevin Sadati, DO
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Many options for your facial wrinkles

Hello Mary Lou,

This is a very good question. I will try to answer it taking into account various reasons you might be experiencing these wrinkles and providing possible solutions to them.

  • Scenario #1: You had your facelift recently

It is not uncommon that in the early recovery process of a facelift that there is swelling of skin and underlying tissues. As a result wrinkles, puckering of skin, lumps and bumps, folds, etc. are common and in majority of cases go away as the healing progresses.

Usually time is all that is needed, but warm compresses with gentle massage are also helpful.

Other treatments like lymphatic massage, oral steroids and bromelain can also be used when indicated. On rare occasions a small procedure may be needed to release the skin so that is smooth.

  • Scenario #2: Your facelift was more than three months ago

In this case, you are probably seeing true wrinkling that was either present before and not as noticeable or may have gotten accentuated due to the elevation of tissues up from your jawline towards your cheek. In some cases this does go away or soften on its own as the tissues "settle into" their new position.

If indeed they are true wrinkles then Botox can be used to soften them and make them less noticeable or go away all together (this will depend on where the wrinkles are and what muscles are causing them - not all muscles in the cheek can be safely injected with Botox). Fillers could be used, although these are better for wrinkles that you see when your face is at rest (i.e. not smiling).

Without your photos, I am going to assume the horizontal wrinkles you are seeing were probably present to some degree before your facelift but now are more noticeable or have become accentuated by the facelift. Therefore my initial thought would be to judiciously use Botox to help improve the wrinkles.

In some cases the tissues of the cheek area are also suffering the effects of gravity & aging and a mid-facelift, cheek implants, fat injections or fillers can be used to improve the cheek area. This would be best determined by a physical exam and Surgeon consultation.

Lasers would be good only for fine wrinkles or thin, "crepey" skin.

Thank you very much,

Dr. Jafri

Kamran Jafri, MD
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Cheek Wrinkles After Lower Facelift

Thank you for your question.  I would recommend a one to one consultation with a plastic surgeon so they perform a visual assessment to guide.  Moreover, from your description a lower facelift will only target the lower face and jowl area, not targeting mid-face.  A lot of my patients dislike the wrinkles on their cheeks so many will opt for Chemical Peel, Laser or Dermal Fillers to reduce.  As suggested, please seek advice on the best option for you to gain the best desired results.

All the Best 

May need surgery or further treatment

Depending upon how deep the wrinkles are and how far you are post op, it could just need more time or further treatment with laser or full facelift if necessary. It's best to get a complete evaluation from a qualified surgeon.

Brian K. Machida, MD, FACS
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Cheek wrinkles after a lower facelift

Without any photographs it's very difficult to tell what the origin of the wrinkles is. Alternatives include a revision facelift, Botox to the crows feet or fillers placed in the wrinkles.

William Portuese, MD
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Bottom line is you did not opt to add Laser at the time of your procedure, or your surgeon didnt offer it. Today it is common for laser to be offered at the time of the face lift. It is safe, and is incredibly predictable with regard to results. A Sciton Contour or Juele Laser which utilizes A dual Erbium source is a great tool to tame the wrinkes now and it can be done as an office surgery. I have laser patients whose wrinkes still look better than they did 10 years before after doing aggressive laser removal.

Charles Virden, MD
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Facelift Wrinkles

I understand this fantastic question.  At times, the vector of lift is too horizontal and less vertical.  I have seen this in many post-operative patients.  This can be corrected, but it can usually be avoided by carrying the incision slightly higher in the temple.

Obviously you need to see a qualified surgeon.  I would start by communicating with your previous surgeon.  I would also ask for a second opinion.  I think you will likely require a second procedure to release this area and rotate the skin slightly more vertically.

Please take a look at my website.  I have photographs of this exact scenario that should be helpful.

Thanks for the great question.


Todd Christopher Hobgood, MD
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Wrinkles After Lower Facelift

I would recommend see a doctor that has access to multiple techniques such as laser, fillers, and possibly an Aesthetician. I think with the combination of all these possibilities one can find an answer that would fix what you desire. It is hard to give you an idea on line with no pictures. Best of Luck!

Miguel Delgado, MD
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Lower Facelift and Wrinkles

Deeply etched lines in the face and neck can be redistributed and re-oriented based on the vector of elevation of the original Facelift procedure. Sometimes this is correctable and sometimes not, but will likely require facial resurfacing (fractionated or fully ablative CO2 laser).

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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