Alternative to a Lip Lift

The distance between my nose and upper lip bothers me. I've researched various methods to fix it from a rhinoplasty to lengthen the nose to a lip lift. The lip lift seems like the most direct method of solving the problem, but I have a relatively short upper lip with quite a bit of tooth show already, and I'm concerned this will distort my features. I'm wondering if there are any alternatives to a lip lift that could shorten the appearance of the philtrum (pic below). Thanks!!!

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Long "upper lip" may be due to "long face"

Although the picture you post only shows part of your face, from this and your description, you may actually have a "long face" proportion. In this case, it is the central part of your facial bone, (the maxilla), that is the "culprit" in this appearance. If this is the situation, then the real "solution" is having a surgical reduction of this bone, (maxillary impaction). See a Plastic Surgeon to get an opinion on this.

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Alternative to lip lift

You are correct in your assesment and predictions. While your upper lip and philtrum do appear long, a lip lift will result in elevation of the central lip with a greater likelihood of increased incisor show with smiling. A possible alternative is to "camouflage this by increasing the size of the red (and not the white) lip.

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