Possible to Have a Lip Lift Without Increasing the Upper Vermillion Border?

I already have a full top lip, but I would like to increase the amount of teeth that show and also reduce the distance between the vermillion and the base of my nose. If this isn't not possible through a bullhorn lip lift is there a procedure that will reduce the upper lip/nose base ration and increase the amount of my top teeth that are able to be seen? Thank you

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Lip Lift Combination to Keep Lips Relatively Unchanged in Size

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This is a bit of a challenge, but by having an internal lip lift at the same time as an external subnasale (under the nose) lip lift, the outward rotation of the lip can be largely minimized, thus keeping your lips relatively unchanged in size.

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Upper Lip Lift

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A Lip Lift works well in women who little to no (tooth) white show. In these individualsin exchange for a scar the the base of the nose, the central portion of the lip is lifted and the height of the lip can be reduced. Individuals who already have white show need to seriously consider if a mild increase in white show is worth a permanent scar, however concealed, at the base of the nose. Dr. Aldea

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