Will a Lip Lift Decrease the Space Between Nose and Upper Lip?

I have a full upper lip and only wish to decrease distance between my nose and upper lip. Is a lip lift right for me as I don't want my upper lip to get any more fuller?

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Lip lift

any time  you put a scar on the face in a visible area you must do it sparingly and carefully. One can never guarntee a scar, it can be very visible, thick, and noticable. If you are willing to accept the unperdictability of the scar for the benifit of lip shortening then go ahead.

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A lip lift may give improvement, but there may be other options

A lip lift may be a good choice to reduce the distance from the nostrils to the upper lip border. The problem is that this involves removing skin, either from the upper border of the lip, or from just beneath the nostrils. Both approaches leaves scars that can be visible.

I have had several patients who underwent this procedure and were unhappy with the scars. Many people have gotten great results but you must be aware of the possibility of poor scarring.

Another option may be a permanent lip implant. I use PermaLip and have found taht a properly selected implant size will not make your lip appear "overly full" but can help it turn outward, reducing the appearance of the long distance between your nose and lip.  The best part about this is when you smile, the lip does not flatten.  This has been a good option in people who do not want the risk of an upper lip lift.  The procedure is done in the office with local anesthesia and the the recvoery is rapid - no pain, only some swelling for a few days.

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