Alarplasty Revision? (photo)

Hi! It has been almost 7 weeks now from my sill excision. The problem is i was pretty sure 5 mm from each side would give me a good change and the base width i was looking for. The surgeon told he indeed removed 5mm from each side but the results are so week. I mean i feel no more than 2 mm are removed.. i still have a large nose,and flaring nostrils..which bothers me a lot. Please could you confirm if this is indeed a 5mm skin removal results? and if i do revision will i hav the result i want?

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Revision Rhinoplasty and nostril sill reduction

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Residual swelling may subside and give you further info to determine whether you can safely perform another nostril sill reduction.


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Right now you probably have a lot of swelling and you should wait six months to a year to see how things look.

Alar base modification

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The only one that can confirm for you whether or not 5 mm was removed or not is the surgeon who performed your operation.  

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