Too Much Alar Trim? Help Me Decide? (photo)

I got a 2nd alar trim from a reputable plastic surgeon. i ask him if im a candidate for alar trim and he told me that he will correct it but i think my nose is too small than what i'm expecting from what he said that he will trim it just a little. I cried and He said that it's easy to correct it by using my ear cartillage and skin grafting as well. Today is my second month, Should I undergo in revisioning it again for the 3rd time so i can put back my nose or shuld i just leave my nose alone?

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Composite grafts to correct alar retraction in rhinoplasty

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Based on your photos it's not clear to me where your surgeon is planning to use a skin graft.  Without a base view it's difficult to ascertain whether or not the alar base modification is too aggressive or not.  From the base view the curvature of the ala can be evaluated.  

It's too early to begin thinking about a revision at 2 months, though.  Give your nose a full year to heal, following up closely with your surgeon in the meantime, then come to a decision.  

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Alar reduction surgery

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Let it heal for a year. See several other surgeons for a different point of view of what's going on. What I noted was that your nose above the nostrils actually looks wide and perhaps narrowing that would bring the nostrils more into the proportion that might make you happy. However, it's difficult to judge accurately by the photos you sent - so in person consultations would be essential to get a credible second opinion. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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