What affects my face and it shape? (photo)

I had hyperthyroidism in a bad form. Now the tests are ok. I ended up with lower eye lid retraction (I am thinking to get restylane for that). I noticed, when I sleep with AC on, I wake up looking better, my eye lids are less retracted, my face is tight and even looks skinnier. When I sleep without AC, I wake up with my face looking a bit swallen, eye lids are retracted a lot, and my face looks bigger and more round. What to do about it? What's the cause? I tried cold compress, doesn't work.

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Real simple: your prominent eyes are not closing at night.

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Hyperthyroidism (Grave's disease) is just an awful disease. It takes generally very healthy, young individuals and turns their lives upside down. Often establishing a diagnosis takes time because symptoms can be very confusing at first. A significant percentage of individuals will have eye changes associated with Grave's disease. Of those, a fraction will require surgical rehabilitation when everything is said and done. It is helpful to let the disease quite before having orbital rehabilitation. In the mean time, it is absolutely critical that you do what you can to addresses chronic corneal exposure which can cause your eyes to be uncomfortable. Regarding the air conditioning making the face look less swollen, I wonder how well controlled your hyperthyroidism is? I wonder if you are describing residual heat intolerance accounting for why you like the AC on? Certainly, one would expect the drying, blowing air conditioner air to increase corneal drying. I recommend you consult an oculoplastic surgeon if you have not already done so. Please recognize that some oculoplastic surgoens have much broader experience managing Grave's ophthalmopathy than others.

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Patient states that She has Changes in Facial Shape While Sleeping

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Hello, I will try to answer your question with the limited information that your have provided:

  • Because of your history of hyperthyroidism, I feel your system is more sensitive to environmental changes.
  • With the A/C on you will find a drying effect, which may reduce the facial swelling and the retraction of your lower lids.
  • With out A/C you don't have the drying effect, your soft tissues swell and you experience eyelid retraction with facial swelling.

You might want to consider adding the effects of a humidifier while you are sleeping.

Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS
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