Can adding patient's own fresh blood to the centrifuged fat increase the chances of more fat survival?

I am seeing doctors in my area for correction of my problem. Since, I m very sensitive about the second surgery and looking for an expert, I have consulted an american board-certified doctor with around 25 years of experience in the USA. His theory is to add patient's blood (probably purified) to the purified fat before transferring. I asked another doctor, who said why purify fat, when u have to add blood later on? That is also a point. Is it a proven theory or is it another marketing gimmic?

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Fat transfer with blood

To increase the uptake of the fat, you would want as much of the blood and other proteins removed.  There is no convincing data to show otherwise.

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Adding Patient's Blood to fat grafting?

Nobody has demonstrated conclusively and validated by independent investigators shown that adding blood to fat will increase the chance of more fat survival.

Michael Law, MD
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Fat transfer and PRP

Dear jasmine2,
  • The consensus studies do NOT demonstrate additional survival of fat cells when purified blood (PRP) is added to them
  • The PRP (platelet rich plasma) consists of healing factors which are used to speed up the healing process
  • It works for open wounds, after laser treatments, but it has not been proven for fat transfers...yet
  • That being said, it should not hurt the results, but I do not think they help
  • In choosing a surgeon, you should find one whose results you like and a bedside manner you get along with

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Nima Shemirani

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There are claims that Platelet-rich Plasma [PRP] will improve likelihood of fat survival. However the studies have been either sponsored by the companies that have products that harvest the PRP, and or by investigators with links to these companies.

There is currently no consensus that PRP has a beneficial effect on fat survival. There are anecdotal reports both ways.
Our practice did try out a few cases with PRP and felt it did not add any benefit, so we decided that it was not worth the cost to the patient. Admittedly, our results are anecdotal as well.
It certainly is unlikely to hurt, and if the added cost is no issue, you could consider it.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Adding PRP to your harvested fat may improve its survival.

There have been some recent studies which have shown that the addition of PRP to harvested fat may increase its' survival after injection.  Some people have said that the studies had some inconsistencies and that you could not draw a definite conclusion from them.  The fat itself has a large supply of stem cells, and the PRP would be adding more.  It definitely won't hurt to add it.   

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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