Is bone resorption common with jaw implants?

Hi. I have very narrow face, and thinking of jaw implants. Should i be worried about bone resorption ? Because the implant will be under the masseter muscle, will it apply a preassure to the implant, thus causing a resorption ? Regards

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Jaw Angle Implants

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Having put in a lot of jaw angle implants, taken some out from other surgeons and seen a fair number of 3D CT scans for replacement of jaw angle implants with custom designs, I have not seen signs of bone resorption. In a few cases I have seen bone growth up along the sides of the implant. While I suspect there may be cases of some bone adaptation under the implant in some cases this does not seem to be significant.

Jaw Implants and Bone Resorption

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Great question.  It is known and accepted that chin implants cause some bony resorption.  However, in several studies, it has been shown that although there is some absorption and it is measurable, it is not often clinically significant.  Meaning, we when study it and measure it closely we can tell the bone has demonstrated resorption but when someone looks at you they can't see a difference.  

When you say jaw implants under the massester, I assume you mean the type that augment the angle of the mandible? These are less common and less studied, but I would guess that the effect would be the same.  

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Dr Rodman


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