Lose Weight Before Rhinoplasty?

I recently gained weight, which I am working on losing and plan to continue losing after rhinoplasty. I am still in a weight range that is considered overweight. But I really want to have a rhinoplasty so that my nose can suit my features more. Since weight loss may cause my face to become leaner, should I wait until after I lose the weight before I go ahead with the nose job? Will the fact that I am carrying excess body fat cause the plastic surgeon to overestimate what size my new nose should be to suit my face?

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Rhinoplasty and weight loss

While weight loss is great for your over all health it is not a factor in your rhinoplasty surgery. A skilled surgeon bases your rhinoplasty on your facial structure and your desired results. I use an imaging computer in my practice and this can be a very helpful tool in the consulting phase. Your surgeon is able to show you the proposed result prior to the surgery. I wish you the best in your surgical ventures and your weight loss. The ultimate goal of all procedures is to make the patient happy, healthy, and improve their sense of self esteem! Best regards!

Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Body weight does not influence a surgeon's approach to rhinoplasty

Weight loss is a good idea to entertain, not for the rhinoplasty it self, but the general anesthesia used during surgery. It is best to be at an ideal body weight so as to not have any complications from the anesthetic. The surgeon will match the nose to your face within reason regardless of weight gain or loss.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and Weight Loss

Weight loss will not influence the goals of your rhinoplasty, which is based on the underlying bony structure. However, continue your effort to lose weight  which will improve your general health. You then will be able to enjoy your new nose a lot longer.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss before Rhinoplasty


An expert surgeon will be able to base the rhinoplasty on your facial framework. Excess bodyfat will not effect the outcome. Losing weight is great for your overall health, but will not influence rhinoplasty one way or another.

Thank you, and best of luck.

Dr. Nassif

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and weight loss

You do not need to achieve your total weight loss prior to undergoing rhinoplasty. The nose itself will not change with weight loss. Although your face will certainly become leaner, an experienced surgeon will be able to bring the nose into harmony with your underlying bone structure, which will not change either with weight loss. Congratulations on your attempts to achieve a healthy weight and good luck, /nsn.

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and Weight Loss

Although weight loss may help lower blood pressure, improve your general health (blood sugar, sleep apnea, etc), and your self esteem, it will not have any bearing on a Rhinoplasty result. The nose is typically not affected by weight gain/loss from a functional or aesthetic standpoint. You may be better prepared psychologically for a Rhinoplasty after reaching your weight goal. If you are taking appetite suppressants, make sure that you discontinue them at least 4 weeks prior to surgery.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and weight Loss


Losing weight should not have an impact on rhinoplasty results or decisions. Unless you are morbidly obese (> 300lbs.) and are going to lose n=more than 100lbs.



Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Weight and rhinoplasty

Although being overweight brings up other issues regarding your health,  I do not think it should impact a rhinoplasty specifically.  The rhinoplasty results are determined by the work performed on fixed structures such as the bones, septum, and cartilages.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and weight

 There is no significant relationship between your weight and the appearance of your nose.  An accurate evaluation of your nose will be the same regardless of your weight.  Thus, losing weight is not necessary in order to get a good result.  

Corey S. Maas, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Weught and Tummy Tuck

Generally, your weight will have very little influence on the techniques used to accomplish a rhinoplasty. It is my opinion that you could proceed with this procedure at this time with undue concern.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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