Can a Plastic Surgeon Perform the Removal of Fibroadenoma?

Can fibroadenoma be removed by a plastic surgeon? If so, can this be done the same time when you get under the muscle saline breast implants through the nipples?

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Plastic surgeons removing a fibroadenoma

Many plastic surgeons, as Dr. Rand points out, also obtained board certification in general surgery. Most of those surgeons are more than capable of removing a fibroadenoma.

They may in fact have additional training that might enable them to perform the procedure with minimal scarring, along anatomic boundaries, etc. One of the first lessons we learn as surgeons is that the removal of the tumor comes first. This must be done without compromise, in other words must be done in a way to minimize spread of any potential tumor, and to ensure full removal of tumor and lymph nodes in the most current and scientifically up to date fashion.

Only then do we consider how the reconstruction is to be done. The surgeon, if he is performing both steps, must not "cut corners" in the tumor removal just to get a better result when doing the reconstruction.

This separation of tasks and knowledge of the current state of the art in tumor removal requres a dedication to this area, often a subspecialization within in. It also requires the surgeon to have open communication with chemotherapy and radiation therapy specialists, and a tumor board should the need arise. Just because we think it is a fibroadenoma doesn't 100% mean it is. Is your doctor prepared to take those steps if the news from the biopsy is not good?

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Plastic surgeons are often general surgeons also

Many of the more experienced plastic surgeons came from the era when they also were fully board certified trained in general surgery. They can certainly do your removal. The question is timing.

While it may be convenient to do the two simultaneously, what if on the rare chance the lump was malignant? That would put you into a totally different decision process for treatment and might even require a mastectomy. So you might really want to get this out first and be absolutely sure it is benign.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Removal of fibroadenoma

Dear Amiee1628,

It is NOT a question of ability. The vast majority of Plastic surgeons trained fully in and began their careers as board-certified general surgeons who were skillful in doing all the procedures other general surgeon do. Then - they were additionally trained in Plastic Surgery.

The question before you is SHOULD the breast Augmentation be done at the same time and WHY is a KNOWN fibroadenoma being removed if we already know it is a benign lesion.

Personally, I would not combine the procedures for several reasons. If there is even a small likelihood that your "fibroadenoma" MAY be malignant, why would we want to complicate matters with an implant there? Second, the likelihood of capsular contracture and breast implant infections goes up whenever breast ducts are cut - as in this case. Why would we want to risk that?

I would advise you to separate the procedures and thereby lower the chances of complications.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Can a Plastic Surgeon Perform the Removal of Fibroadenoma?

To the extent that many Plastic surgeons were trained in general surgery prior to plastic surgery, they can remove an fibroadenoma as well as perform an appendectomy. However, traditionally they do not do this. With fbroadenomas, come the risk of incidental discovery of malignancy and its management which is customarily carried out by general surgeons or even specialists in the field.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Fibroadenoma removal

It is certainly possible to remove a fibroadenoma at the same time as placing implants, but it all depends upon the location of the fibroadenoma to determine what incision could be used to approach it.

Steven Wallach, MD
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