Breast Implants to Lift Slightly Sagging Breasts?

Will breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or will I need a lift as well? My chest lacks volume (I have lost alot of weight), and my breasts are far apart, deflated and a bit saggy from the front. But from the side, the nipple and areola are well above the crease.

I'm 22 and plan to have kids and breast feed them someday. I'm 5'4 and 128 pounds and my bra size is a small 34B (Breast width=13cm). I'd like to be a full C-D cup again (that was my cup size when I was heavier). What kind of implants would suit me best?

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Breast Implant with Lift?

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Judging purely by your photos, you may be fine with an implant only. There can be argument whether it should be subglandular versus submuscular versus dual plane. You have enough lower pole tissue that a dual plane would help you and give the result you need without the down fall of subglandular implants.
I would try to match the implant to your base diameter and you may benefit with a higher projecting implant to get you the fill and as much lift as possible.
Just remember only through an exam can it really be decided if you need a lift.
Good luck.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Implants Won't Lift But Will Fill Your Breasts

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Your nipple is at or above hte fold, and you have lost a lot of upper pole fullness. As long as you do not mind the fold of your breast getting a bit longer, and do not mind being full (C-D range), and given your agee, I say an implant alone may be best for you.

After you have kids, or on down the road a few years, a lift would be more beneficial and acceptable to you.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants to lift slightly sagging breasts?

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Hello! Thank you for your question and photos!  The mastopexy (breast lift) procedure raises the breast, which ultimately provides a more youthful and perky breasts. This is done by removing the extra loose skin and rearranging the surrounding breast tissue in order to reshape and support the newly formed breast. At the same time, the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) is raised to the ideal position above the fold beneath your breast (the inframammary fold) as well as being placed at the most projecting portion. Oftentimes with age or following pregnancy, the NAC becomes widened and enlarged. This may be reduced in size during the breast lift procedure.

It is common for the breast to lose its firmness and uplifted appearance over time, which is also accentuated with age, pregnancy/breast feeding, weight gain/loss, and gravity. This results in breast ptosis, or sagging of the breast, with a “deflated” appearance. Women seek the mastopexy procedure to regain the previous youthful appearance of her breasts and women report increased confidence, self-esteem, and femininity once achieving this desired shape and fullness. Breast lifts may or may not be performed with implants – the implant would add increased size but also greater fullness in the upper pole of the breasts which creates more cleavage.

The decision will be completely up to you.  I believe that an implant to increase the size as well as a small lift will likely give you the best results.  Consult with a plastic surgeon who will discuss with you the various options and assist you in deciding which will be the right procedure(s) for you.  Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants would provide you with lift and fullness

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Looking at your photos, you have some volume loss but not a huge amount of ptosis or sagging. We grade sagging into 4 categories. It can range from minimal sagging, to severe ptosis where the nipple and breast tissue is way below your crease at the base of the breast. Implants in your case would improve the fullness and slightly lift the breast and nipple. If you truly want to be a full C-D, then a round, moderate profile silicone implant would work best. An incision in the crease would give you a great result as it would be minimally visible. Eliminating the lift and keeping the implant submuscular would decrease any complications with future breast feeding.

Seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss all these issues with them.

Good Luck!

Breast Implants to Lift Slightly Sagging Breasts?

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Breast sagging that occurs with age, weight gaining or loss and pregnancy. This situation may cause aesthetic problems and lack of confidence. Breast lifting surgery is intended to correct sagging and providing a better position and firmness. Sagging can be fixed also by incisionless way of skin tightening, The Spider Web Aesthetics.  In the Spider Web Aesthetics, absorbable medical sutures are placed via very fine needles under the skin triggering the body itself to produce collagen and cell regeneration. The cell regeneration and collagen production results with tightening and regeneration of skin. The Spider Web Technique can also be combined with implants and autologous stem cell enriched fat transfer.


Bulent Cihantimur, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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Dual-Plane Augmentation

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It’s not unusual for plastic surgeons to encounter patients who don’t have breast hypoplasia associated with mild breast sag.These patients want larger breasts, but don’t want the scarring that’s frequently seen with breast lift surgery.
Under these circumstances, dual-plane breast augmentation offers significant advantages.This procedure creates a pocket beneath the pectoralis muscle, as well as a separation between the muscle and the overlying breast tissue.This results in the implant having muscle coverage superiorly and breast tissue covering the implant inferiorly.
Your pictures suggest that you would be an excellent candidate for a dual-plane augmentation procedure.

Implant size and cost

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I think all you need is an implant, but you may need a lift after having children. Having said that, I would put the implant under the muscle to preserve more blood supply to the nipple in case you want a lift later.

As far as size is concerned, a 350- 375cc implant will probably put you into a large C/small D cup. Once you decide on the volume, then the profile will be determined by the width of your breast.

Breast implants to lift slightly sagging breasts

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The SIMPLE answer is - YES.

But - your predicament is common and NOT simple.

Some comments:

- If your weight loss is on going - I would weight until it has stabilized.

- RE "I'm 22 and plan to have kids and breast feed them someday." - IF the someday is in the next 2-3 years, I would urge you to wait until after having your family but - if it is longer you may want to have something done.

- as far as your degree of droopiness (Ptosis in Plastic surgery speak) you state that the nipple and areola are well above the crease - that being the normal youthful position, the choice of the implant that would best fill your breasts is based on multiple factors,the 2 most important ones in my opinion are the extent of current breast tissue available to cover the top of the implant AND the extent of chest flat realty the implants can sit on.

Any implant would improve your appearance BUT your present breasts would require large implants 400cc plus which would have to be centered under your lateralized nipple areola complexes - resulting in a full but displaced look. Moreover, the larger implants will be associated with a faster droop of the augmented breasts. You MAY wish to consider a minor lift (which would centralize the nipple areolas and better cone your breasts) combined with an augmentation with an implant in the high 300. That may yield a better cosmetic and longer lasting result.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift with only an Augmentation

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If you are like you say you are, with the nipple-areola above the breast crease. Then an augmentation is all you will need usually. When you lost weight, you lost volume and the breast sagged some. If you can replace the amount of volume you had before, then you are back to where you were. To do this, you need to let the breast tissue rise up over the implant. The best way to do this is with an implant over the muscle. To give the best chance of not having scar develop around the implant in this position, I generally use a textured implant and prefer silicone over saline.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant vs lift

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You have pseudo-ptosis of the breasts.  Your nipple is in good position, but your breast tissue is quite low.  The implant will help achieve the upper pole fullness that you have lost.  As long as you understand that the implant will sit low on your chest, you may be happy with an implant alone.  

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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