Is a Bleeding Keloid Cancerous?

My keloid is approximately 6 cm in diameter and has been bleeding for a few weeks. Could this infection be cancerous? I have an appointment in a few days.

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Keloid and cancer

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Keloids can become injured just like normal skin.  Bleeding is not a sign of cancer in a keloid, but non-healing wounds should prompt a visit to your plastic surgeon. 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Bleeding keloid

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I would say it is very unusual for a keloid to bleed. I hope that you will take yourself to a physican promptly who will remove it for you.

Take care of yourself!

Beverly Johnson, MD
Silver Spring Dermatologic Surgeon

Can a keloid be cancerous?

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Your keloid is bleeding due to its size and location. Looking at the picture, there is a low probability that it is cancerous. I would recommend removal followed by compression earrings and possibly local radiation to prevent the keloid from coming back.

Kavita Mariwalla, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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