How to Remove Dent from Nose Piercing?

This summer I got my nose pierced and now there is a dent! I regret doing it and took it out that night. It has healed and I have been putting on over the counter scar treatment and vitamin E. After that a dent has formed. I was wondering if this could be corrected. I went on many plastic surgery sites saying that it could be fixed by chemical peels, dermabrasions, skin rejuvenation or skin resurfacing, and scar revision. I hate that I did this. I would be happy if this dent is gone. I don't care if there will be a little discoloration as long as the dent is gone.

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Dent after nose piercing needs scar revision

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In order to improve the dent from the nasal piercing, you will need scar revision. Surface treatments like those you list will not be effective. Your best option will likely be some combination of subcision, filler and possible suturing of the skin surface. I would suggest approaching this conservatively and in small steps. Good luck.

Nasal scars from nose piercing

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Scars on the nose from piercing may be corrected.

Dimples, pits, or depression may be lifted or augmented. In addition to the skin damage, the underlying nasal cartilage may be damaged from the piercing too. A small piece of cartilage is usually placed to fill the area. Keep in mind that scar revision never completely removes the scar, but rather helps camouflage and hide the scar.

Only after a comprehensive examination can a plastic surgeon who specializes in nasal surgery help you determine the best approach for treating your nose piercing scar. Best of luck.

Dent after nasal piercing

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If you have a depression on your nose from nasal piercing, it may be extremely difficult to correct without putting more scars on your face.  Perhaps subcision would help.  Perhaps an injectable filler can camouflage it a bit. Without examining it, it is difficult to say.

Dent from nose piercing

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I agree with Dr. Oppenheim that resurfacing probably would not help you very much in this case.  I have had good success with saline subcision for depressed scars in general on the nose from other causes (mostly acne).  This technique may be of benefit to you.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

Plastic Surgery

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I doubt whether techniques that help the surface of the skin are going to help much. My advice would be to see a plastic surgeon who also did his training in ENT. They should be able to repair the skin and the cartilage if this was damaged too. This is much easier to fix than someone who changes their mind after having their skin marred by a colorful tattoo.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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