Flying After Breast Implants Revision

How long until I can take a 2 1/2 hour flight after breast augmentation revision? I am traveling to Florida to have my breasts re-done and wondering when it is safe for me to take the 2 1/2 hour flight back home.

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Flying after Surgery

I advise my patients to wait minimum 10 days, ideally 2 weeks, following surgery to fly.  Consult your board certified plastic surgeon on what his or her exact preference is!

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Flying After Breast Implants Revision

Hello!  Thank you for your question.  Our practice has patients travel from afar. Opinions on travel following a surgical procedure will differ amongst surgeons, and is best to discuss this with your surgeon. In our practice, we ask that you plan to stay for 2-3 days to observe and evaluate the surgical areas as well as your readiness for travel. Depending on which procedure you have, up to a week may be necessary. For your procedure, a couple days would be adequate.

Ensuring adequate oral intake and mobility is a must and proper postoperative care of the surgical sites and incisions is prudent.  An evaluation postoperatively as well as prior to departure is usually done to make sure that all is well for your travel back. Hope that this helps!  Best wishes!

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Flying after Breast Implant Revision

Thanks for your question.You should have this discussion with your surgeon because every doctor has their own protocol.For breast surgery, I suggest my patients stay at least 2-3 days(a week, if possible).For revisional surgery there may be drains placed, in which case you would have to stay longer until the drains are removed.This tends to happen in just under 2 weeks.I hope this answers your question.Best of luck with your procedure.

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Flying Post Breast Revision Surgery

Each surgeon has their own protocol for flying post procedure and it is best to inquire about this with the surgeon who is performing your procedure. Typically, patients are able to fly within 1 week of surgery but there are a variety of factors that can impact that timeframe. It is generally advised to get up and walk at least once every hour when flying post surgery.

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Flying home after breast revision.

You should ask your surgeon for advice as some revisions are very simple and others are more complex and could have a higher increase risk for bleeding or more pain following surgery. You might also have drains, sutures, or dressings that might need early follow up.
Have a back up plan if you are not ready to leave as scheduled, have someone help with bags and transportation, and also pick out a local surgeon who can help you with emergencies should something happen after you are home. Your flight is relatively short, but those with long travel times need to be careful of developing blood clots and could consider a medication decrease risk.
Sometimes when you change altitude you may notice a squeaky sensation around your implants. It can feel weird and cause unnecessary alarm if you are not expecting it.

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Travelling after breast revision surgery

Although I would defer to your plastic surgeon's judgement regarding this question I would imagine that if your operation goes smoothly and you are doing well 1 week after your operation that you would be able to travel safely. 

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Breast Implant Revision Surgery - How Soon After Can I Fly 2-1/2 Hours?

Each Board Certified plastic surgeon has his or her own protocol concerning the above question.  In Hawaii, flying from island to island is as common as driving one's car home.  These short inter-island trips can be made the day after surgery. 

With specific reference to implant revisionary surgery, I personally leave breast drains in for 3 days to decrease the amount of blood around the implants.  I believe the #1 way to get hard breasts is to have blood around an implant, and revisionary surgery usually involves a capsulectomy which leads to a great deal of post operative oozing which subsides in about 3 days.

With reference to longer trips after surgery, my post surgical protocol includes not crossing one's legs or feet during the flight because this can increase the chance of clot formation.  Getting up and walking around the cabin every couple hours is another good way of protecting one's self from post operative intervascular clot formation.  Lastly, because everyone on a plane whether recently post op or not swells, I have my patients take a 20 mg prednisone tablet on takeoff and a second prednisone tablet on landing. 

Flying After Breast Implant Revision

My advice is to wait 3-4 days after your surgery in order to rule out the possibility of a hematoma. Best of luck.

Robert M. Kachenmeister, MD
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Many of our patients fly in to see us. Depending on the complexity and length of the surgery, your surgeon may want you on a blood thinner when you fly home. Ask your surgeon if you should be on Lovenox for the trip home. 

Lawrence Scott Ennis, MD, FACS
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Reduced risk after 2 weeks

I typically ask all of my patients to refrain from flying for 2 weeks after surgery, to minimize the risk of deep venous thrombosis in the legs.

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